Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One

Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One

The only thing better than bringing a new kitten home is watching two kittens tumble out of their carrier into your welcoming arms!  There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to adopt two kittens at the same time.  From reducing stress for the kittens to bringing more joy to all concerned, you are likely to find two purring bundles of contentment a happy addition to your household.

In all the excitement of bringing a new kitten home, it’s often forgotten that this young cat may have been torn from the loving bond it had with its mother or other kittens in foster care.   In addition, introducing cats to a new environment can be stressful for them.  When a kitten has a companion the transition experience will be less traumatic as it eases into its new home environment.

One of the most endearing things about kittens is how they love to play.   However, you may find that a playful kitten can be quite a handful.   Kittens are full of energy, and play is priority number one!  Just like children, they like to have playmates.  While they greatly benefit from playtime with their human caretakers, it’s deeply enriching to have one of their own kind to romp with.

Kittens often play during much of the night.  However, with two kittens in the home they may be more likely to expend their energy tumbling with one another than attacking you in bed in the name of play.  They will more quickly wind down and go to sleep when they have one another to pounce upon.

Caretakers often decide later that they want to adopt a second kitten.  This can be tricky because as cats get older, they become more territorial.  Introducing a new cat to the household later may not go as smoothly as you’d like.  Many variables play into the successful introduction of a new feline companion, but in general it’s best to keep in mind that just like humans, each cat has its own personality.  Not all cats are compatible.  The easiest way to ensure compatibility between two cats is to adopt two kittens at the same time who have already bonded.

Opening your home and heart to two new kittens provides a loving home to an additional kitten who may not otherwise have found a home.  As you settle in with your new companions, you will experience double the joy, double the entertainment and laughter, and double the love.

F. Innes
PPCR Volunteer

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