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So You Want to Be a Volunteer…

Do you have time and the passion to help? You can select from a variety of volunteer opportunities. We try to match a person’s skills with the activities they most enjoy.  Start making an impact today.

Adoption Reference Checks:

We are always in need of help to check out our adoption applications! Help us ensure that we place cats into loving homes. All you need is a phone.


Being a foster mom or dad to a litter of kittens, or a mama cat with kittens or even an older cat is a heartwarming and rewarding experience. It is an experience filled with laughter and love, but isn’t always easy. It takes someone special with a heartfelt commitment. We have fosters from Reno, NV to Santa Cruz, CA and everywhere in between. We ask each of our foster parents to make The CATNIP promise.


Our group is spread out across 300 miles. We are always in need of someone who is willing to take a day to move kittens and cats from one foster home to another. For example, someone in Sacramento might pick up a litter of kittens from a shelter and need to get them to someone in Reno or Santa Cruz.


We have a variety of areas and opportunities for writers!


We have a slew of ideas and need volunteers to help manage them! We need to continually look for new and different prize donations to make our yearly giveaway worthwhile!

Assist with Some of Our Kitties:

In Santa Cruz we have a unique opportunity available. We need cat lovers experienced in cuddling, petting, waving feathers, throwing mice, dispensing catnip, combing, brushing, cajoling, stroking, photographing, face washing, pampering, and admiring. Don’t forget reassuring, calming, encouraging, comforting, and the list goes on.

Volunteer Application

Fill out our application now!  Become part of our team and really make a difference.  We will have one of our volunteers contact you within a week to discuss your interests and ways your can help.

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