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Programs Overview

Purebreds Plus has a variety of programs that they focus on each year. We have provided you with an overview of each program so you can learn what your help lets us do!

If you wish to donate to a specific program please make a note on the donation you send!

If you have any questions on any of our programs feel free to reach out to us at We will be happy to give you more background!

Rescue & Foster

Purebreds Plus takes in between 300-450 cats and kittens a year. The cats and kittens are placed in volunteer foster homes that care, love, and rehabilitate them as needed. Donations for this critical area covers all associated costs for food, supplies, general medical care, spay/neuter, and behavioral support if needed. This is our core program and what PPCR is all about. 

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Medical Sponsorship

This is not a “true” program but a method used to cover anything beyond the normal rescue and foster care. This is typically advanced medical care such as orthopedic surgery, eye care/surgery, and other specialized surgeries based on the needs of the cat or kitten. Our fosters manage the care and provide them with a safe and caring “home” to recuperate. We typically have specific fundraisers via sponsorships throughout the year to raise the needed funds for these special cases. See just a few of our special sponsorships!

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Kitten Samurai

Kitten Samurai fosters take on small motherless kittens and get them on the road to recovery. Why do we call them Kitten Samurai?  Samurai hold loyalty, courage, compassion, respect for life, and honor, above all else. To take on these bottle baby kittens all of that is needed, and so much more, to be successful. It is a labor of love, and despite the difficulties, the little ones provide the greatest of joys, while reminding you of how fragile life really is.

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Hidden Super Stars

Unfortunately, not all of the cats we take in at PPCR are highly adoptable.  Some cats are surrendered or rescued at an older age, some have serious health problems and some have other issues that just make that cat less desirable. We at PPCR provide this level of care to all cats and kittens that find their way to us – even to those that may never be adopted – the reason is not important. It is the right thing to do.

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Feline Infectious Peritonitis is not what any cat owner or rescue wants to hear. Until very recently this was a death sentence for the cat or kitten. We slowly started treating cats in 2020. We now have this phenomenal program in place. There is hope! Our supporter’s compassion and generosity make this program a reality!

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Owner Placement

Our Owner Placement was established to help a cat’s owner or cat’s caretaker find a home for their purebred cat through Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue while the cat can stay in it’s current environment. As a rescue, we have the experience and resources to help find the right new home for these cats. This is a much better option for the owner and the cat than a shelter or Craig’s List.

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