Christmas 2014, Special Tails
About This Cat


Zorro arrived in rescue breathing noisily, sometimes through his open mouth, struggling for every breath he took. It is not uncommon for a flat-faced cat to have minuscule nostrils that impede breathing, but Zorro had a severe nasal infection that we had to treat right away, before we could address his other breathing issues. We put him on a variety of antibiotics and other medications to clear up the infection. Then as soon as we got the all clear, Zorro was scheduled for surgery.

It turns out that Zorro’s breathing problems weren’t due to his nostrils at all. During surgery the surgeon found that Zorro had a large nasal polyp in his throat. No wonder he couldn’t breathe! The polyp was easily removed, and immediately Zorro was able to breath normally. Seldom do we find a solution for cats with these issues so quickly and easily!

Zorro won the heart of his foster mom with his patience throughout the whole ordeal. She was thrilled when a family who had adopted other kitties from PPCR wanted to adopt him. Zorro is now living in Canada, and we are so happy for him. He is healthy and happy in his forever home.

Among the most gratifying aspects of rescue is the sense that we are part of community of people who together make the work possible. In Zorro’s case, we put out a call for sponsorship, and generous donors rushed to his aid. Because of people like you, we can fund surgeries for kitties like Zorro. We salute you for your role in providing for these phenomenal outcomes.