Princess Zoe Belle

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My name is Princess Zoe Belle and I am just three years old.  I was the sweetest and dearest little thing you would ever want to meet.  I loved to cuddle and I went home with a nice couple and thought for sure I would always be safe and completely spoiled.

I am not sure when things started to change…but the house was full of tension and it was no longer happy. They were not going to live together anymore and I was so distraught I escaped.  I only knew that no one seemed to care about me anymore and decided it was the best thing.  I was so wrong…I had never been outside before and the world was a very frightening place.  I lost track of time just aimlessly wandering, trying to find food and stay away from so many new and frightening things.

So what happened?  I only remember being terrified and running as fast as I could to escape I leaped onto a fence and my leg got caught. I remember something biting at my tail and struggling to get away but I could not get loose I was stuck in that fence….I was terrified. I have no idea how long I was stuck there…it seemed like an eternity.  I know I was scared to death…What if no one found me?  What if no one cared enough to help?

Finally a kind soul found me or maybe heard me crying.  They removed me from the fence, wrapped me in a blanket and brought me to one of those special people that take care of beings like me…a vet. I was in so much pain my leg was burning and every move brought more excruciating pain.…I really don’t remember very much.,.except the agony.  I do know in my heart that I would not be here today if they had not found me and taken me to get help.

The vet gave me a bunch of stuff they call pain medication, cleaned the leg and kept it bandaged.  I was pretty doped up…so I am not real sure about anything. They could not keep me…and handed me off to a shelter.  The shelter scanned and found my microchip…thank goodness. My leg was still a mess but with the drugs it was a deep dull ache and I tolerated it the best I could.   The shelter was able to call PPCR.   PPCR reached out to my owners and they signed me back over to this rescue.  I was picked up by PPCR the very next day and rushed to a vet to be evaluated and treated.

There really was no time to waste.  I heard them talking and they were very worried about me.  The leg that had been  entrapped was a hot mess and extremely infected.  The end of my tail was infected, having been bitten several times.  I knew I was safe…but I knew this was going to be long rough road to get back to health.

I was given more medication to stop the infection in the leg from spreading. They soon decided that my leg was too far gone with the infection and the break; they were going to cut it off!  They told me that three legged cats do extremely well and that I would be fine.  I have to be honest I was pretty upset about the whole thing…but I want to live!  I want to be loved and I trust them to do what is right for me. They were there for me!

I was told the surgery went well, though it took longer than expected due to the extent of the damage and infection.  I was thrilled that I was almost out of the woods! I was doing great!  I was hungry and eating!  I was nuzzling my caregivers and thanking them.  Yes, I am still on a bunch of medication, but I feel so much better now.  The surgery was done on July 23 and it has been 6 days.

However, I started trying to stand up on my three legs….I tried and tried…I was devastated my other back leg could not support me. The vet did a detailed exam of the other leg and found that my other back leg has an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture.  All I really understand is that I need another surgery in order to be a three legged cat and have that second chance for a safe and loving home.  I know I struggled, twisted and did all sorts of contortions to get free…and I guess I messed up the other leg too.  I am pretty sure I used quite a few of my nine lives to make it this far!

The good news, yes there is good news, PPCR is not giving up on me!  Will you believe in me too? I know I can get through this with your support and love.  Can you please help me?

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Princess  Zoe Bell needs your help.  Despite everything Princess Zoe Belle is still a very loving and trusting cat, just like she was as a kitten…she has hope now, as do we, that she can make it. We need your support, love, compassion and prayers to get her to where she needs to be.  We have spent about $2500 to date getting the initial surgery done and getting her stabilized.  The ACL surgery, hospital stay, medications, and all associated costs is going to run an additional $2800.  Can you please find it in your heart to help us save this precious girl? Zoe Belle hasn’t given up on us humans.  Can you show Belle you have not given up on her?  Please donate now….you can make all the difference for her.

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