2019, Adopted
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About This Cat
Adopted by Helen
Born ~12/1/18,M, Silver-Tipped Chausie 

Adoption Fee $275

The Chausie breed originated in the 1990’s mating an Abyssinian with the Jungle Cat of south-central Asia.  The current domestic Chausie is far removed now from the original breeding and domesticated into a wonderful highly energetic cat.    The Chausie cats  are extremely social, intelligent, outgoing and playful.  They love their humans and interacting with them is a huge part of their day.  They would not do well being left for extended periods of time.  Owners that love interactive cats, this is the breed for you!  They love to run, chase, climb and they thrive on interactive toys of all kinds.

The Chausie is a breed that needs a diet of meat and no plant matter because their digestive systems are  unable to break down grains and vegetables, so the owner needs to be responsible for a proper diet for this breed.

Zeke is a red tipped Chausie and a very special guy. He is on the move and and full of energy! Zeus is  a sliver tipped Chausie and loves  to sit on his human’s shoulders. He is very human bonded. A description of both brothers is available. Of course, they would love to go home together.

Only experienced cat owners should apply, no small children.  They would love to go home together, but if not they need to go to a home with other playful cat(s).  We do not ship.

Fostered in Davis, CA

Contact: Laurel (530)304-2836 or email: laurel@faganhome.com