Christmas 2014, Special Tails
About This Cat


Xanthos came into rescue as the white sheep of the family: his littermates were all grey and white tabbies, so either his mom was showing off a bit of her ‘indiscretion’, or he came from another litter. He was smaller than his siblings but made up for it in heart. He was bottle fed for a while, so he quickly learned that humans were to be loved and kept close.

Xanthos believes people are made for his personal amusement. In addition to knowing where his food comes from, he makes sure his humans know his play preferences. A human is good for climbing, makes a fine launch pad, and serves nicely as a place to lounge when it is time to rest. They are reasonably good conversationalists, provided that one meows enough to inspire them. And if a person calls, there’s good reason to come running; maybe there’s a treat in store!

Xanthos’ foster parents admit that it was a little difficult to let him go, but cool heads prevailed, and off he went to a great new home. He has turned into a beautiful boy.

Xanthos does have a new name: his new owner, a young girl, insisted on Diamond (a totally girly name) and a pretty little pink collar. Oh well, it’s a small price to pay for all the love and attention. When his young owner is at school, Diamond spends his time hanging out in her room (attacking her stuffed animals–shhh) or sitting on a window seat watching birds. He even likes to try and brush his teeth with his little girl in the morning! The entire family has decided he thinks he’s a human, and he thinks so too! Even the 2 yr old in the family has gotten into the act: he has taken to throwing a crinkle ball that Diamond chases and brings back to him to do it again. Everyone loves this little fur ball, and it’s obvious that he loves them too.

Stories like this are among the great rewards of rescue, and you can believe that we never forget how many kinds of people it takes to make them possible. Whether you are a volunteer, a past adopter, or a donor, we at PPCR extend to you our deepest thanks and best wishes for a happy holiday season.