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About This Cat

Tempe is a very lucky girl. She recently had emergency surgery and we all were keeping the faith that she would come through her trauma.  She’s still not completely out of the woods, but if she has anything to say about it, she’ll be fine.

What’s her story?

Tempe came to us from a hybrid cat breeder who was reducing the size of her cattery. Tempe is a long legged, gangly, Savannah girl, still growing into her body. She was about 10 months old when she came into Purebreds Plus.

We had only had her a few days when we noticed a blood and yellow discharge.  We took her to the vet immediately and she was spayed. She had Pyometra, which is an infection that can be caused due to hormonal changes during a heat cycle. She was treated for that and we thought everything was going well.

What Was Wrong?

Tempe suddenly had a life threatening relapse. She had been on Clavamox for 5 days due to a suspected Urinary Tract Infection and she was having trouble walking. She was also easy to handle, which for her was not normal at all. We rushed her to the vet again.

The emergency vet found a mass next to her bladder. Her temp was over 103, her blood count was sky high, and she was very lethargic. They immediately started an IV and antibiotics.  They suspected the Pyometra was back with a vengeance. The plan was to pump her up so she could handle surgery and then do surgery on March 7th.

In the late afternoon the emergency vet called us they wanted permission to do surgery immediately; without which she did not have a chance. The surgery took hours! They found decayed tissue, pus and a host of other stuff when they got inside. The pus had also leaked into the abdominal cavity, which is known as Septic Peritonitis. Needless to say her insides were a mess…it was an extremely long and dangerous surgery.

Tempe did not wake up that evening after surgery.  They told us she had about a 25% chance of living. So now we all wondered, were we too late?  It was a very long night as we waited…

Tempe was alive the next morning but not standing. She did, however, look every human right in the eye. Her next battle was the potential for kidney failure or blood clots. They kept her in Intensive Care for 36 hours, watching her around the clock. She showed them what a Savannah is made of that’s for sure! She is a young strong girl and showed steady improvement.

In fact we know she was feeling much better as she was becoming really difficult to handle again. She has had minimal socialization, which had been obvious to us from the beginning of her stay with PPCR. The pictures just show how sick she was to let us humans handle her however we needed to!

What Now?

Tempe went home to her foster Moms on March 9th.  She is in a large canvas crate for rest. She cannot be allowed to climb and jump around until she is well on her way to being completely healed. But she is in a room with Santos, a neutered Melanistic Bengal. The two are very bonded and having them together in the same room is helping her heal.

We were very worried about how we would be able to give her medication. She is getting painkillers and compounded antibiotics every day. But so far so good; maybe she realizes we are helping her, so she is being a bit more tolerant about the whole thing.

We are still awaiting the results of the pathogen test so we can better identify the best drug to treat and eliminate the infection forever. She has at least 4 weeks of antibiotics ahead of her before we know we for sure she is back 100%. She is not out of the woods yet but with everything we have seen we are hopeful and have faith that this special girl is going to be just fine.  She has beaten the odds more than once in her very short life and has showed that she will fight to survive.

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What Can You Do?

Tempe has been through a lot so far in her short life.  We opened our hearts to her and we have done everything possible to get her back on track. Now, with a little hope, dash of faith and lots of love we will get this little girl back so she can have a life she so deserves.

We could not wait to for donations or to ask for help, we needed to act quickly to save her and worry about the funding later.  We have spent over $4200 on her so far and this beautiful girl is worth every penny. She continues to improve every day showing us just how strong she is. Help this girl make a comeback and find her forever home…you make the difference.

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Note On Funding:  We collected $3500 for Phoenix. We used $500 of the funds for Phoenix.  We then applied the remaining funds to Tempe. The total cost for Tempe to date is $7200, minus the $3000 collected for Phoenix, leaves a balance of $4200.