Christmas 2013, Special Tails
About This Cat

Sometimes you can’t give up…

Lady Jane was one lucky kitten. She came into PPCR’s care in June of 2011 with 8 other cats and kittens. Her mother was a blue Abyssinian, and her father was a purebred Savannah. She came into foster care with a Calici type virus but responded well to treatment. By early July, she appeared to be fully recovered and healthy and was putting on weight. I was getting ready to post her for adoption when the unthinkable happened. Lady Jane started choking on her food, eventually getting some of the food down, but it was clear that something was seriously wrong.

After numerous vet visits, it was thought that Lady Jane had a stricture in her throat that was preventing her from eating and swallowing her food normally. According to the vets, the procedure to fully diagnose and correct this condition would be expensive, and there was no guarantee of success. But PPCR and I would not, could not give up on this special little girl who had such courage and determination to survive. I was there for Lady Jane, ready to provide love and care she needed, but just as critically, you were there. PPCR put out a plea for the donations needed to save this precious girl, and you answered the call, in spades.

In October 2011, Lady Jane was scoped to determine the extent of the damage. It was confirmed she had a 4mm stricture about 1mm down her throat. But luckily for Lady Jane, she responded very positively to the treatments: after her 4th treatment and $2600 in costs, she was given a clean bill of health.

Today, Lady Jane is called Taz. She has lived in her forever home with a littermate for almost two years and is a vigorous, spirited, interactive, energetic and gorgeous girl. She recently had a return of her throat strictures and several endoscopies, but she is receiving great care from the staff and clinicians at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital on the campus of U. C. Davis.

This lovely grown up girl has touched many hearts with her love and sweetness. Thanks to all of you whose kindness, generosity and support made possible the life she now enjoys.