Christmas 2013, Special Tails
About This Cat

Sometimes it’s a leap of faith…

Studdmuffin and Lil Shortcake, two little munchkins, were abandoned at a shelter anonymously with 7 other cats. At the shelter, these two little darlings had tested positive for feline leukemia. This is actually a contagious disease, and we were baffled since the rest of the cats checked out fine. How did two out of the seven have this dangerous diagnosis? We really have no clue. (It is thought that some cats fight it off the virus; for some it goes latent and may or may not become active again; and some die of the disease in 2 or 3 years.)

These two kitties, cute and loving, had no chance at the shelter, but I was able to take them in for Purebreds. I knew we could find them a home, and until then I had the ability to keep them segregated to prevent the possible spreading of the disease. Luckily, the cats showed no symptoms. They were fun loving and extremely bonded to each other. I knew there was an adopter out there who would be willing to take them, regardless of their uncertain future and love them for as long as they would live.

I eventually got them posted on our website, but for several months no one came forward or even inquired about them. The group worried. Then after 4 months had passed, the perfect couple appeared.

The adopter fell in love with the pair, despite the positive result for FELV. She continues to be amazed at how affectionate these cats are, and is thrilled with them. It is a year later, and so far they have had no health issues appear. I am not really surprised. They are treasured and well cared for; it’s amazing what love can do.

We at Purebreds Plus celebrate the wonderful, big-hearted adopters who were willing to take a leap of faith.