1 to 5 Years, Available, Bengal, Savannah & Chausie
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Adoption Fee $275

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    Born ~4/17, F, Brown Spotted Savannah

Savannahs trace their heritage back to breeding crosses with long eared African Servals. These are long legged, long bodied cats. Their heads are fairly small on a long neck that is very impressive when it is extended to its full length. Of course they are great, graceful athletes, with unusual jumping prowess. Starfire, named for a champion Savannah girl, is a fascinating cat. Look in her eyes and you can see that she is super intelligent.  At the same time she is such a magnificent agile athlete who moves so fast chasing a feather she is a blur. And then she is also a loving companion to the humans she knows. She likes humans and the cuddles they give her when she is not too busy playing or exploring. I think this connection to human friends is just developing in her.

Starfire is interested in absolutely everything and will blossom in her new home. She is fun to play with and she will wonder how much you can entertain her and interest her.  Look how alert and alive she is. After a pretty boring two years in a breeder’s cattery she is eager and ready for everything. I don’t know how she is with gentle dogs but I expect with the right introduction she would enjoy playing with them. (As long as they realize she is the boss.) She is an alpha cat but there is not a mean bone in her body, she has a loving affectionate nature.

Her new family must realize she will be on an extreme learning curve when she takes up residence in her new home. What fun she will have exploring every single thing. Her family needs to understand the transition she will be making into their world from one, the breeder’s cattery, where nothing happened all day. She may need a little patience from them. She is a treasure and will grow and develop and blossom in her home. This will be so much fun to watch as I hear from others who have adopted from this group of cats.  It is hard not to just stare at her she is so fascinating.

I am not really sure how she is with other cats. She knows them and has been with them but being an only cat would probably be fine for her at least as she grows up, especially if she has a dog playmate. She has lots of energy to dissipate. Starfire would not be a good cat for a family with little children. As with all fast, smart kitties there is the danger that she will get out of the house and perhaps the greatest time of danger is when young children open the door or have friends over. Like a Bengal she needs a family who can out-think her and keep her safe. I know Bengal and Savannah owners love this challenging relationship.

I just wanted to mention in one of the photos below she has just been spayed and that is why her stomach is shaved .

Starfire eats  wet and dry food and raw chicken and is litter box perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in this kitty you can contact Harriet by email at Please include your name, location, the name of this kitty and phone contact information. Harriet will get back to you as soon as she can. It you are interested in this kitty it s a good idea to fill out a Purebreds adoption application. Mention this kitty in the application and it will be forwarded to Harriet. If you are unable to reach Harriet, email us at