Christmas 2014, Special Tails
About This Cat


Sir Michael is a 4 1/2 year old beautiful Tri-Color Marble Bengal with a special, richly colored coat. He was brought in from a city street to a shelter where it was determined that he had a broken hip. He was a hard luck kitty who was about to become very lucky.

Michael’s photo was sent to us with a note saying that if we could take him into foster care, the shelter said they would get a surgeon to repair his hip. It was a surprisingly generous offer since the surgery was difficult, which is to say expensive. The note also said that if we didn’t take him, he would be put down. We immediately said “YES! We would love to help him.” The surgery was a big ordeal for him, and he had to be extremely patient afterwards since he was caged and not allowed to move around much for weeks as he healed. Can you imagine an active Bengal cat forced to be inactive? But heal he did, and soon with his jumping and climbing, reminding us of what amazing athletes bengals are. Sir Michael was an extremely lucky boy.

He was very reserved when he came to us, polite and strikingly handsome, but he was not thrilled with us or anything. He was probably wondering “Now what are these furless two-legged ones going to do to me?” But by the time he went home, his affectionate and loving nature had surfaced. It is remarkable how some kitties can heal and forgive and forget, while others take much longer to recover from hardship. Michael had surely had a hard start in life, with a family that let him out in a city area unneutered and then did not look for him when he did not come home. Then came the injury, the pain, life in a cage, and the long period of recovery from surgery, a total of six challenging months. It was heartening for his caregivers to observe Michael as his strength came back and with it his ability to enjoy his human friends and share his loving heart.

Some things are just meant to be, and when Bob and Kathleen came forward to adopt this lovely boy, it was very clear this was the family he had waited for. They appreciated his beauty and his Bengal nature. However, the best thing of all was they knew he had been through a lot, and they were totally committed to helping him…and loving him forever.

Sir Michael now lives safely inside with two other cats and an Australian Shepherd. He is well loved and cared for in his forever home. The way it should be.