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Born ~7/2018, F, Melanistic (Black) Savannah

Here is a very special girl. You say What ! a black Savannah? Yes black is an acceptable  though fairly rare color for these fascinating kitties. Savannahs trace their heritage back to the African Serval, a very long-legged, big-eared cat. Savannahs are a high energy, active breed known for their large personalities and their devotion to their family. Their face is an equilateral triangle measured to just above the eyes as you can see in Silke’s cover shot. Though still a youngster, she shows the Savannah’s long legs, long neck and lean graceful body. All Savannahs are spotted  and though she is black  Silke is no exception.

Silke and her housemate, Sarah, a Marble Bengal, came from the same California breeder. This woman found herself with too many kitties and gave some to Purebreds Plus. How extraordinary these kitties are. These two young ones are the best of friends and need to go home together. No exceptions to this. Of course they love to play and play and play.   Everything in the world is either an adventure or a toy.

These two are good eaters and like all sorts of foods.  We give them wet and dry high quality, grain free protein and they have been flourishing. Their litterbox habits are perfect. Both have good firm poop. As is typical of Savannahs, Silke likes water and I have seen her step in her water bowl without even seeming to notice or care. We put their water bowl in an empty litterbox to keep things dryer. Some Savannahs take showers with their owners. I wonder if Silke will jump in the tub with her new family?

When Sarah and Silke arrived they both had diarrhea caused by a single celled parasite called Tri Trichomonas. They have had the recommended three courses of treatment of the medicine for this. Sarah now tests negative. Silke, despite her firm poop, still tests positive. She, as other kittens we have adopted out, will be developing her young immune system and working to clear out the last cells in her system in the next years. There is no definite time frame for this process. This protozoa is not contagious to humans.

These two youngsters need to stay together. They are great play  and sleep buddies. While I was photographing them Silke kept jumping down to a shelf which allowed her to rub her head on my hair. She is so affectionate more so than younger Sarah is right now. Silke is a lap kitty and will roll around your lap, enjoying your attention. She has the Savannah’s black spots on a black background. They are not hard to see in the right light. Two of the photos below show them pretty clearly. The other thing to look at with her is her long, long neck and long legs and tail.  She is so elegant, a visual delight.

These two  need a family with the time and energy and space to entertain them. In turn their new family will find these two endlessly entertaining. They would do best as the only pets in their household.  Their new family would ideally have had previous  experience with Bengals or Savannahs. I tell folks Bengals and Savannahs are a life style choice. These are not sleep on the couch Persians. Their families need to want to meet the challenges of  entertaining and keeping these kitties safe. These cats are of very loyal breeds and want a deep connection with their humans.

One issue I always stress is that kitties like these need to be carefully kept inside. These two cats have never been outside  but I expect they would go out a door if one were left open. When Bengals get out they often travel for miles and they may well never be seen again. For this reason families with young children who may leave doors open or have friends over who do are not a good match for these kitties. Of course well constructed catios ( secured, safe outside spaces ) are great for most kitties and certainly for these two.

Silke and Sarah eat wet and dry food and raw chicken and are litterbox perfect.

Their foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in this kitty you can contact Harriet by email at Please include your name, location, the name of this kitty and phone contact information. Harriet will get back to you as soon as she can. It you are interested in this kitty it s a good idea to fill out a Purebreds adoption application. Mention this kitty in the application and it will be forwarded to Harriet. If you are unable to reach Harriet, email us at