Goal Met! Thank you!
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About This Cat

We Have Met Out Goal Thank You!

Phoenix.  The name brings to mind the renewal of life, and hope. This very lucky boy is emerging from the ashes to be reborn again. The name fits him and his story well.

What’s his story?

We initially found out about this kitten through a Facebook plea for help on Monday the 25th of February.  We contacted the young man, a student who found this little guy in his neighborhood.  He took him to a vet, as he could hardly walk on his back left leg and seemed to be in pain. The vet suspected a broken leg, however the student was unable to financially help him.  That’s where we came in. We contacted the student who surrendered the kitten to us.  One of our volunteers drove over 3 hours to pick up the kitten and bring him to us on a very rainy afternoon.

What’s Wrong?

We immediately brought Phoenix to one of our vets for a complete exam and x-rays.  The x-rays showed that he has a very significant pelvic left femur fracture. No wonder he can hardly walk!  Our vet estimated the injury happened 2-3 weeks ago.  We have to assume that this poor kitten was hit by a car and left outside in the elements in terrible pain….to die. Thank goodness the student found him and took him in.  Our vet told us that the kitten needed surgery as soon as possible and we have a date of Thursday March 7th for the surgery to take place.

What Needs to Be Done?

Phoenix will undergo an extensive surgery by a board certified orthopedic veterinarian to re-break the leg and put in a rod and plate to repair it so he can live a normal, happy life.  We were so happy to hear this news! In many cases something like this typically means an amputation.  Not this time! After the surgery he will need extensive post op care, pain management and 6-8 weeks of cage rest which is never easy for a kitten! We are fortunate to have an experienced veterinary technician who has volunteered to provide his surgery aftercare.


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What Can You Do?

Phoenix is only 5 months old with beautiful blue eyes and a loving personality. He found his way to us and we will help him.  With this surgery he will have his whole life ahead of him as a healthy and happy cat.  We jumped right in to save this special boy.  The needed blood work, the stay in the hospital and the extensive specialized surgery will be ~$2100.  Phoenix needs you.  Can you find it in your heart to help this handsome boy?  Please donate now.

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