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14 Breeder Cats and Kittens

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Goal Met!  Thank you to all that donated!

Just look at these wonderful kitties. They are Oriental Shorthairs and two are a rare breed called Peterbalds. This, again, is a story of an ailing breeder who is no longer able to care for her kitties. Purebreds stepped forward to help and to our surprise, we were asked to take all 14 of this breeder’s cats and kittens. We soon found this was quite a big undertaking, bigger than we initially realized. We are asking you, our supporters to help us with the expenses for these cats, which added up very quickly!

All but one of these cats needed to be spayed or neutered. We did expect that. However, as we evaluated each cat, we found that we had taken in undernourished cats, some with ailments and/or some just very skinny.  They needed a lot of help to get them on their feet.  Many have already received blood panels, ear mite treatment, extensive dental procedures, two needed x-rays, several needed syringe feeding and fluids. One literally had green pee! One needed a blood transfusion.  We took them to an unending number of vet appointments and even used human food to tempt some them to eat and it worked!

We have had them for about six weeks now. As the photos show, they really are beautiful cats, and in much better shape than when they came to us. They still need some work but very soon they will be ready for their new homes.

We are always ready, willing and able to take cats from these types of situations and to provide the care and love they need. This has been a huge undertaking though and has strained our budget to provide the care they were in dire need of.  We have finally been able to slow down long enough to take stock of where we are and now we are asking you for your help. We have spent ~$5300 to date and expect it to top out at ~$6000. So we do need your help.  If you can take a minute and help us with these cats we would feel blessed and so very grateful.

You are the most wonderful compassionate supporters and any group would be proud to have you as partners.  You make this all possible!

And we thank you for always being there for us, so we can always be there for the cats and kittens in need.

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