Miss Congeniality

2019, Adopted
Additional Info

About This Cat
Adopted by  Katie & Ian
Born  ~4/16, F, Brown & Black Tabby Maine Coon Mix

This kitty was such a good-natured tiny kitten she was called Miss Congeniality as a loving “pet” name. Her name stuck as her friendly, loving nature remained unchanged as she grew up. She is such a friendly, tolerant, good-natured girl. She loves humans and generally loves kitties though that may not be the case if the cat is a dominant type. Miss C is one of a litter of 4 kittens. Josie is one and she is posted here. Rufus is the only male and Miss C and he MUST go home together. The fourth kitty is Snuggles a Tortie Maine Coon mix and  it would be first choice for her to go home with Josie.  These siblings have been together for 2 years and are unusually bonded together.

As Miss C and her brother Rufus, a magnificent red tabby boy, grew and reached their first year birthday an odd thing happened to them.  Their big full tails started to curl like a Pug or a Huskie dog’s tail. Rufus’ tail curled first. We were speechless with surprise (and delight). A month or so later Miss Congeniality’s tail curled. What fun! Not only were the tails unusually full and fluffy but they curled up over the body.  We watched the other two littermates’ tails carefully. No curling.

Miss C has soft, fluffy, medium length fur and great big whiskers. Her coat has a little of the red tabby in it – you can see that in the patch on her head. Her eyes are an unusual lime green. She is an easy cat – she enjoys all sort of play and all sorts of food and all sorts of humans large and small. She and Rufus would probably be fine with respectful medium sized children. (No fair pulling her tail though).

There is no question she is one of the most loving kitties in the world. Like her sister Josie, she loves attention. She will stand on her hind legs to ask for your hand on her head. These four siblings were hand reared (by me) and I take pride and pleasure in their loving natures. They came from a shelter and all but Josie had terrible kitty cold, really bad gunky eyes. (Especially Rufus who was lucky to retain his vision.)

Miss Congeniality eats wet and dry food and is litter box perfect.

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