2019, Adopted
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About This Cat

Adopted by  Rick & Jean

 Born 9/18, M, Grey Tabby Maine Coon

Here are some early photographs of this handsome guy. Mishka is not yet a year old and already he is a very big guy. He will be huge. He is a purebred Maine Coon who came from a breeder. Right now at 8 months he is still a little baby boy though he already weighs 12 lbs. 9 ozs. Maine Coons keep growing til they are three and a half years old. What will he weigh then? And how magnificent will he look?

Mishka has not yet lived long enough to grow all his furry attributes for example, his full coat and his ruff. He has put all his effort into  body length and perhaps toes.You need to think of him as being still a kitten. That is not really easy to do.

Mishka’s life has been disrupted and he has spent time in a shelter recently. He is pretty much a cool guy about that but I expect his exuberance has been dampened a bit. He looks that way, a little too cool and collected.  He will revive. By the way he gained a pound and a half in the 17 days he was in the shelter. He is friendly to strangers but still with a little reserve. He can be  picked up and easily moved here and there. He is good-natured.  He will show his goofy, happy side when he has settled into his new home. I don’t now how he is with dogs but I expect he might enjoy them.

Maine Coons are good family cats. They tend to be eccentric characters, comedians, entertainers. They are smart resilient cats who were originally bred to be working cats strong enough to survive cold, windy Maine winters. They make loyal companions. Mishka would probably be fine with middle sized and bigger children.Toddlers would possibly want to ride him and that would not be a good idea.

Mishka eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

If you are interested in this cat please fill out an adoption application at www.purebredsplus.org and mention the kitty named Mishka. You can send it in online.If you have questions about Mishka please email them to info@purebredsplus.org . Thank you.