5 to 9 Years, Available, British & American Shorthair
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Born ~2011, F, British Blue Shorthair Mix

I don’t know a lot of Millie’s early history. I know she was adopted from a shelter a couple years ago.  She was loved by the 14 year old daughter there. After about a year an aunt took Millie to the shelter while the girl was at school. Distraught, the young girl wrote a letter, which I have, about how wonderful her kitty was. When she tearily visited her cat at the shelter she left it there clipped to the cage door for the new owner.  She was worried that her kitty would not be understood and loved properly and that she would come to harm. She left her phone number. I spoke with this girl and heard how the many members of her family constantly fought over whether or not to keep Millie, who was then named Gumball. It sounds like hers was a very vocal, unhappy family.

When I brought Millie to her foster home she was  pretty upset and wound tight. She loved attention and leaned into pets but she could also change her mind about being touched in an instant and make us jump and pull back. She was a little edgy. I spoke with  the daughter about that and she told me Millie only did that – change quickly from lovey to keep away – with people she didn’t know. The daughter predicted we would see that behavior disappear quite quickly. And it did go. We have seen her annoyed and heard her hiss but she has never hurt us. This jumpiness may however show up again when she is stressed as she transitions to a new home so I wanted to mention it here. Her adopters may need to be patient with her and give her some time to adjust. We decided not to post her on Purebreds Plus website  for a while. Instead we would love her up and give her some time to unwind and settle in with us.

We quickly learned that Millie LOVES catnip and we also learned that Millie would do just about anything for food. Any kind of food.  She is the essence of food motivated. British Blue Shorthairs, as a breed, have a tendency to be couch potatoes and they love to eat. Thinking she was a pound or two overweight we recently put her on a weight loss dry food and she is already losing despite the yummy wet food we also give her.

British Blues in general tend to be stocky, sturdy, cats with broad chests.  Millie has the Blue’s wide set ears, short nose, square broad head and their short legs. Her silvery grey hair is soft as silk. She loves attention and is sweet natured but she also has the British Blues’ independent nature.

I don’t know about her early life other than to know her family took her to a shelter which doesn’t speak well for them. I do know that her time with her recent family was very likely hard for her. It sounded to me like there was a power struggle going on amongst the many adults there with Millie an excuse for a fight. This must have been very hard for her as she, a sensitive feline, picked up on all the conflicting energy towards her.

The shelter was definitely planning to euthanize her so I am very glad I got her in time. We have found her to be an amusing girl who wants to feel safe and loved. I went in to photograph her and while I sat below her on a bench from her perch on a windowsill she leaned forward to nuzzle my head and she might have been nibbling my hair, I am not sure. The breed standards describe British Blues as calm, easygoing cats. These sturdy cats are particularly healthy and long lived and have no breed related illnesses.

Millie needs a home who will stand behind her, offering her stability and love and safety so she can relax and have what she has always deserved and perhaps never had. She will unfold further I think as she settles into her real home. I would not suggest a  home with young children though older kids may be fine. I do not know how she is with dogs. She would likely be fine with the right friendly kitty companion.

She (happily) eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at