Christmas 2015, Special Tails
About This Cat


A few months ago Maverick, a young lynx point Ragdoll, arrived at a south bay shelter with a severe injury to his back leg. The femur was completely broken. We assume from the type of injury that he had been hit by a car. No way to know whether his supposed guardians summarily dumped him in a shelter at that point, or whether a passerby took pity but didn’t know what to do…

Luckily, despite that fact that Maverick was terrible shape — he must have been in excruciating pain–the staff at the shelter did not see a hopeless case. What they saw was a wonderful boy, and rather than euthanize him (which is what sometimes happens in similar cases), they made him available to Rescue.

One foster mom immediately took a special interest in Maverick. She learned exactly what it would take to save him, and through her efforts, Purebred Plus received a grant that paid for his surgery, in full!

Another foster mom, one skilled in rehabilitation, stepped out of retirement to take Maverick for the two weeks of recovery. She expected a long ordeal of fussing over him and babying him, but instead within a few days Maverick asked to be let out of confinement and started wandering the house! His recovery was very fast. Soon a third Purebreds Plus foster mom took over his care; he will stay with her until he finds a forever home.

Maverick is a darling boy, a real lover, as Ragdolls usually are. Once he was able to get up and down, he slept beside his foster mom all night long, and even before that, when he wasn’t feeling well, he would struggle up onto a chair to sit on his foster dad’s lap. He is afraid of dogs; we don’t know whether the reason is his vulnerable state, a lack of experience with dogs, or a bad experience he can’t forget. For this reason, he is probably going to be happiest in a home without dogs. He seems to get along with other cats but is best suited for a home without an aggressive, alpha type of cat. He would also be happy as an only cat so long as he gets lots of human time, with opportunities to snuggle and play and soft places to nap.

Maverick has stunning blue eyes and good conformation to the standard for his breed but is not going to be a giant Ragdoll. His coat feels like silk, and he enjoys being petted and groomed. Once he gains weight and his coat fills back in, he is going to be a stunning, beautiful cat.

Maverick is being fostered in the Sacramento Area and is a loving companion, despite everything he has gone through. By the time this is published we are sure this great boy will have a loving forever home!

Rescue is a collaborative enterprise, and even when a cat doesn’t have to move from one foster home to another, there are quite a few people—transport coordinators, other volunteers, veterinarians, and generous donors—who contribute to the happy endings that arise, in one story after another, from unhappy beginnings. But the real heroes of these stories are the cats themselves–cats like Maverick, who despite the injury, the pain, the rejection, and the confusion of being shuffled around from shelter to hospital to rehab to foster care, has kept such a positive attitude through the whole ordeal. He is an amazing cat who has stolen the heart of all the volunteers who have had the pleasure of helping him.