Christmas 2013, Special Tails
About This Cat

Sometimes it takes a lot of time…

Linus came into rescue when he was about 6 months old, one of 95 Himalayans seized by Animal Control from a hoarder who was breeding cats under horrific conditions. Like most of the cats who came to us as part of that rescue, Linus was in a desperate state of health. A damaged eye caused him constant pain, and his legs were so weak that he was unable to jump even a foot off the ground. To top it all off, the little fellow had full body ringworm. Despite all of these ailments and their attendant discomforts, he was the sweetest, most gentle little boy you would ever meet. He was also painfully shy, which made him even more endearing.

I fostered Linus for two years before he went to his forever home. During that time, he was lucky enough to have a special sponsor who wanted to adopt him once he was healthy. She sponsored the first part of his recovery; his general vetting, ringworm medicine, and eye surgery. This brave boy ended up having to have his troubled eye removed, a step which we had hoped to avoid but which was finally the right thing to do. After surgery, Linus was happier and more playful; no longer was he in constant pain.

Sadly, Linus’ first sponsor had a life-changing event and was unable to adopt him, but not long afterward, we received a call from a lady in England, who saw him on our website. In fact, she was also interested in Bebe and Dudley, two other cats who had come to us from the same ‘breeder’ as Linus. This extraordinary lady wanted to sponsor all three cats and to adopt them once they were ready to go home! We are always careful about placing cats out of the area-and in this case we were talking about a different continent-but after Catherine flew all the way to Sacramento to meet them, we knew how lucky they would be. Catherine paid for Linus to have surgery to correct luxating patelas in both of his back legs.

After almost two years in rescue, Linus, along with Bebe and Dudley, moved to their new home in London, and even then his adventures weren’t over: for a while, he and his mom and her other kitties lived in Barbados! Now they are back in London again.

In the fold of a loving family, Linus has become an outgoing, gorgeous, high jumping wonder cat. His mom works from home, and he is constantly doted upon. What an amazing journey for this unbelievable sweet and gentle boy. He will always be one of my favorite fosters and holds a special place in my heart.