2019, Adopted
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About This Cat

Adopted by Matt

Kazumi is a young girl that has had a hard life. She was raised by a breeder that did not spend time socializing her cats. She was for breeding purposes only. So while Kazumi produced some beautiful kittens, it came at the expense of her own happiness, comfort and socialization.

Kazumi needs someone who will open their home and heart to a hard luck girl who wants  to know what it is to be loved.  While she cannot tell us what her life was like before coming into rescue, we can tell a lot just by being around her. This dear girl wants love badly but is nervous of actually getting it, indicating to us she has never really had it before. While in rescue Kazumi has begun developing some trust of humans. Initially she would hide as completely as possible when a human was in the room. With the extreme patience of her current foster, and the observation of the cat/human interaction between the foster mom and the other cat in in the room with her (Reece), Kazumi will now always stays out in the room.

Her current foster mom works with her daily. Kazumi still is uncomfortable being picked up and is still not thrilled with being  touched.  She does like to play, indicating she is slowly getting more comfortable with her life and surroundings.  She likes dangling string toys, da Mouse, Ping Pong Balls and other kitties.  She is learning!

Kazumi means Harmonious Beauty, which she is in spades. She needs someone who will patiently work with her so she can fully understand that humans can be an inexhaustible source of love and affection. She can’t tell us what her life was like but we can see what seems to want. With someone willing to put in the time and effort for Kazumi, we feel they would eventually be rewarded with a tender, affectionate cat that will play and be the adorable decoration in their room, even if it’s not on their lap. But then again, she could surprise everyone and suddenly be the sweetheart who is just waiting to blossom.

Are you willing to love and cherish this very special kitty?

Kazumi was vet checked, spayed and is up-to-date on all her vaccinations.  She eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

She is located in Elk Grove.

Contact Nancy at (916) 761-1929 or email: gogirlnancy0517@gmail.com or send an Adoption Application.