Christmas 2013, Special Tails
About This Cat

Sometimes it’s the second time around…

Kazu was a little orange tabby with his own special style. From the time he was 4 weeks old, he was sweet, personable, and oh so lovable. He would follow us around everywhere. As long as we were near, he was content and happy. He got along with all the other kittens and adult cats in the house, but even as a kitten, he also wanted people around. He didn’t like to be alone.

Because this little guy was “just a domestic,” it took a little while to find what I thought would be a forever home for him, even though he was so personable and easygoing. Finally we found an adopter who seemed perfect. The family had a dog and had 2 other cats, so of course we discussed how to introduce a kitten into a new, multi-pet environment.

I checked in a couple times and everything seemed to be going well. Then when he was about 7 months old, I got a call from the family saying that they did not want him anymore, that he was just not working out. They indicated that he was peeing on their bed and had developed other bad behaviors they did not like. They wanted him out as soon as possible.

I met the adopter the next day, midway between her home and ours, to bring Kazu “home.” He recognized me and my voice and fairly leapt into my arms. After he gave me a ton of cat kisses and a good talking to, he sprawled across my lap, purring contentedly, as we made our way back “home”.

Kazu integrated back into our home pretty easily. He did have some quirks that were new behaviors, but we never saw any peeing or other destructive or bad behaviors when we got him back. We did see some changes. He now played really rough, something he had never done prior. He also loved jumping on our backs when we were leaning over the sink to brush our teeth or do dishes and was pretty persistent about doing it. He still loved to cuddle, play and follow us around the house like a puppy. So we started our new search for a special owner for this quirky big boy.

Bingo! About a month after we got him back, we found a really great home. My brother and his wife visited us and they fell in love. Kazu was taken with both of them, in fact adored them both. The positive thing was they had 3 other cats, two of them really big tabby brothers that loved to wrestle and play hard.

Today Kazu is the runt of the house at 12 pounds! He nearly runs the house, except for Muffa who immediately put him in his place the first week he was there. He does tread carefully around her.

Kazu still has some interesting habits…as his photos show. He is unclear on the concept of sleeping in the cat bed..how about in the middle! He does not like his adopter to work and will lounge on his chair and refuse to move, looking completely innocent about the whole thing. He still has a criminal mind and can open cabinets…child proof locks are next. He also still really believes in togetherness. At 12 pounds, he still climbs into your pants when you are in the bathroom. Yes…he does. He also enjoys kneading and grooming your face even if it is clean. As you can tell, this boy is spoiled but also very much loved.

A happy ending for a special little boy, okay for a big quirky boy! The second time around for him was a charm.