Christmas 2013, Special Tails
About This Cat

Sometimes it’s an open heart…

Gizmo, otherwise known as Gizzymomo, Gizzy, Momo, Mo, Mr. Mo, The Mower, and Self-Serve, among other aliases, was my introduction to Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. He was an urgent owner surrender: the owner had three days to find someone to adopt him, or he would be taken to a shelter. I went to see him, thinking that a purebred should never end up in a shelter. My roommate accompanied me to see him, and we were met with the oddest cat I had ever seen. Gizmo was a doll-faced, odd-eyed blue and white purebred Persian. He looked up at me from under the table as if asking if I would be taking him home. Without making any gestures, I told him that it was not just up to me. As if understanding my words, Gizmo looked over to where my roommate stood. I took him home the next day.

It didn’t take long for Gizmo to rule the house. I became his favorite person, and he became my favorite cat. He gave me neck massages and would come running when I called for him. He was a very intelligent animal, and he quickly learned to use the dog door, albeit while trying to catch the other cat, as well as climb ladders and play hide and seek. He would ask for food by tapping my knee from under the table, and he would play fetch with his mice. He would also sing to his caught ‘animals,’ and he even cornered a live snake once. So when I met one of the founders of Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, who labeled Persians as the not-so-clever breed of cats, I was determined to disprove that theory. I am not sure I succeeded, but I hope that at least Gizmo became an exception.

I thus began to sporadically volunteer with Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, cleaning litter boxes and socializing the cats and kittens. After a few years, I adopted Pippin, my first rescue from Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, to be a companion for Gizmo. The two became fast friends. Gizmo became Pippin’s hero, and Pippin followed Gizmo everywhere. Gizmo was not only my introduction to Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue; he was my inspiration.

I now enjoy being a foster for Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Being part of such a wonderful organization is an amazing and rewarding experience.