Christmas 2013, Special Tails
About This Cat

Sometimes it’s all about the attitude…

Few folks have seen a fairy
But we found this one for you.
If you believe with all you’re might
She can make your dreams come true.

Finn is one of those kittens that just always seems to be happy! And she does make you laugh and just feel good! Like a little fairy dancing and fluttering in your life without a care in the world! She paws at the air, does tumblesaults and will run full tilt with a straw in her mouth from one end of the house to the other. She adores water and playing in sinks and will help you do the dishes. She will talk to you, cuddle with you and just have a grand old time. She comes running to eat when you whistle…and she’s just a joyous kitten!

When Finn was about 4 weeks old she suddenly got very lethalgic and her tummy was hard and distended. I rushed her to the vet. She was diagnosed with a condition called Megacolon, which basically means the colon muscle does not work to excret the waste from her body. We almost lost this adorable little girl. Neither the vet or I would give up on her. You, our supporters did not give up either. We put out the call and you generously donated to help this wonderful little girl. Finn is on a laxative regime we follow faithfully and no additional issues have been encountered.

Despite or maybe because of her brush with death she lives life to the fullest bringing you right along with her! Finn has a whimsical carefree unihibited personality, loud purr and likes cuddling up at night. Through everything she remains the same kitten…and everyone that has met her has fallen in love with her endearing zest for life. You can see her antics click here!

Finn went home mid-December and I miss her. The house is quieter and seems emptier without her. This is a girl that could have easily been my first foster failure. ( I would have adopted her.) My heart will always remember her and how she faced life, no matter what was thrown at her with her upbeat happy-go-lucky approach.

Finn has taken her sunshine aura and loving heart to a family where she can weave her magical spell over them this holiday season and for the rest of her life. For Finn it really is all about the attitude you have as you face what life throws at you.