2019, Adopted
Additional Info

About This Cat
Adopted by Suzannah
Born ~12/6/18, M, Red-Spotted Highlander

Adoption Fee $275

The Highlander is an experimental breed, a cross between Desert Lynx and a Jungle Curl created in 2004.  This breed doesn’t have any wildcat genes.  They are docile and playful companions.  As you can see Dante has very distinctive ears!  They are curled giving him an impish look like a little cartoon character.  Dante has a beautiful unique red spotted coat and a bobbed tail.  He is a true specimen of this  unique wonderful breed.

Dante is a playful kitten full of life and fun.  He is not a cuddler at the moment because there is too much to do right now in his kitten life, but he does love his humans and will purr and purr when he is held. Dante needs plenty of attention with ample room to release energy.  He loves his kitten buddies and needs to have another playful young  cat in his new home.  He would not do well being left alone for several hours in the day.  He would do well with older children.  He hasn’t been round dogs.  We do not ship.  We are looking for a cat-experienced home.

He will come to you neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines.

Fostered in Davis, CA.

Contact: Laurel (530)304-2836 or email: laurel@faganhome.com