2019, Adopted
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Adopted by Benny & Earvin

Cyber, Born 3/16/18, M, Seal Point – Silver White Siberian

Cyber is everything you dream of in a Siberian Cat. Purchased directly from a breeder last year he is the epitome of the breed.

At just a little over a year old, he weighs 14 lbs with more growing to do. Siberians are one of the largest cat breeds and can continue their growth until 4-5 years of age. Cyber boasts the breed’s long triple-layer silver coat, a bushy tail, well rounded large paws, and medium round ears. He has intelligent large blue eyes that connect with you immediately. Typical of the Siberian Cat breed he does not meow, rather he chirps beautifully.

Some of his favorite activities include jumping in his cat tree, looking out windowsills and chasing wands. He would enjoy a home where he can be active, climb cat trees, have interactive playtime and regular brushing of his beautiful coat.

Cyber gets along well with other cats and would be best suited with others that appreciate his youthful energy and playfulness. He is litterbox perfect, only uses his cat scratcher’s and does not door dash. Siberians are more likely than other breeds to be low in the allergen Fel d1 which triggers most cat allergies. When Cyber came into foster he had some matting which has since been clipped.

Cyber will come to you neutered, vaccinated, tested and microchipped. Fostered in Yuba City. For more information please call Crystal at 530-218-3781, email, or complete an adoption application and mention Cyber.