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Born ~5/1/19, M, White Tabby Cymric Manx Mix

This little cutie pooty couldn’t get any more adorable!! He’s mostly white with a black polka dot backside and has been a featured topic in hundreds of conversations since he came into foster care.  Clover, along with his siblings were found at a dairy of all places so of course a dairy name was a must!  Being the special boy he is, Clover fit both aspects.  Clover is the perfect combination a gentle, kind nature and a bit of playfulness.  He’s a quiet charmer this one, always a gentleman and very respectful.  He enjoys lying in your lap and getting head and belly rubs however isn’t all that fond of being held tight. He will however, when given the opportunity, immediately climb up in your lap to be with you!

He is what is called a rumpie, meaning he has no tail.  While he is still growing at the moment, he will most likely grow up to be a medium size kitty with a stockier build.   In addition to his soulful eyes and sweet placid nature, he has a beautiful soft, medium long coat that is extremely easy to maintain.

Clover’s foster family has all sorts of other furry creatures he gets along with, even the Border Collie Gracie, so a family with another respectfully playful and loving kitty maybe best. Clover rarely talks but when he does, it is in a very soft voice. We think Clover would flourish in a calm, low key home with a younger playmate, one that is on the gentler side.  Clover is up-to-date on his vaccinations, neutered, FeLV tested, dewormed, microchipped and uses his litter box perfectly.  He has a simple diet of both canned and dry food and loves the occasional treat too.

Clover currently lives with his foster family in Sacramento.  If you are looking for a best friend, a companion who always has you in mind and willing to give him as much love as he will provide, he would love to have you as his forever family!

For more information, email Dayna at and or fill out an Adoption Application at the Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue and mention me, Clover ☺