Christmas 2014, Special Tails
About This Cat


Barry is an 8.5 year old purebred silver-tipped Persian who has had at least three homes. From what can be pieced together, he came from a local breeder and was front declawed and neutered. Barry’s first owner was reportedly a big Barry Manilow fan, and Barry and his half-brother Manny were kept together in transition after his first owner let them go after a couple of years.

Barry and Manny stayed with their next owner for another year or so, but then she had a baby and could not keep up with her pets. She found another home for Barry and Manny, but after a couple of years the new owner had housing difficulties and could keep one of her four cats. We tried to rescue both members of the bonded pair, but we did not succeed, so Barry was separated from his half-brother. Luckily, he became quickly attached to his foster brothers in rescue.

Barry came into rescue in a deteriorated state, partly because although his last owner had had labs done, the results were misinterpreted. Labs done soon after his arrival in foster care showed that he had renal failure, stage four. Barry was given two months to live. That was in April 2013.

A year and a half after that troubling diagnosis, Barry still wants love and craves attention, and we provide it. He receives subcutaneous fluids every day, as well as supplements when his foster mom can persuade him. He eats well and snuggles with his furry foster brothers. Though initially wary when a human baby arrived in his foster household, remember that he was once evicted under similar circumstances, he soon realized he was safe after all. Now Barry appears to enjoy being near the baby any time he can.

Sadly, Barry’s younger half-brother Manny was not so lucky. Recently we learned that he had died, poor fellow.

Barry is one of those cats we will never place in an adoptive home, because of his renal condition, yet we continue to provide him with love and medical support. It is thanks to our loyal supporters, people like you, that every year we can take on cats and provide hospice care when needed. We also extend heartfelt thanks to the very special volunteers who are willing to care for these fragile cats.

Barry thanks you all for making the time he has left so very special. We suspect that he has never felt so loved and cherished.