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Christmas 2017, Special Tails
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The Baker’s Dozen Save of Christmas 2017: Furry Blessings
What’s Really Important

For the first time in the six years we have been fostering, I was blessed with some newborn kittens this year. I have had a desire to foster a Mom and her newborns ever since we started fostering, but this opportunity is very rare and had never presented itself until this year.  I was totally unprepared for the feelings these babies generated in me, and I still struggle to express them.

So you have to understand: A good portion of what I do for a living involves writing and communication. Much of what I do for PPCR also involves writing and communication. And yet here I sit, struggling for words to explain the depth and breadth of how I felt and feel. I cannot seem to find adequate words for this experience.

Few things in this world are as heart-meltingly adorable as the tiny, wobbly little bundles of fur that are baby kittens. At the simplest level, there was pure love and magic in my home, in the shape of small balls of fur. Newborn baby kittens are some of the most precious things in the world. To watch them grow and each develop a unique personality was awesome, amazing, surreal and yes, a miracle to me.  And I got to do it twice!

The first pair of adorable newborn kittens was born to an Abyssinian mom in my husband’s office at home.  I adore the Abyssinian breed and, in fact began fostering after losing my own Aby, so this experience was especially poignant for me.  For me, these two little boys were a wee bit of heaven and so completely priceless.  Once Momma allowed us to interact with them, these little boys showered love on us and were curious about everything in their world!  Rohan was always the adventurous one with Rune following close behind.  Rohan and Rune are now in their forever homes bringing love and joy to their families, and needless to say, my heart went a little pitty-pat as they left our house.  Watching them go was very bittersweet, like sending your child off into the world. You know you have done the best you can with them, but now the future is in their hands, or paws, as the case may be. Watch these adorable kids grow here.

Right before the Aby’s went home we got three ten-day-old Singapura babies and their mom.  The Singapuras have been an even more unique and wondrous adventure. Singapuras are a fascinating breed and so itty bitty tiny, especially at two weeks old!  Their mom was very reluctant to allow human touch, and our mission became to not let that happen to her babies, so we held them and snuggled with them every day. Their tiny bodies and large eyes gave us the impression of raising a bunch of four-legged Ewoks.

The wonder of holding something so small and precious and giving it love can change you.  At first, the baby Singapuras’ daily routine was to eat, cuddle, play, sleep, and then do it all over again.  As they continued to grow, we held them, talked to them, and watched delightedly when they started to squirm and try to walk across the floor on their wobbly little legs.  Soon distinct personalities began to emerge.  The smallest one was always trying to scamper away to explore.  The little boy was climbing over and onto my leg.  The middle girl did her best to get back in their bed.  We did eventually name them: The little boy became Hiroki, which means an abundance of love and joy.  (It can also mean “Great Tree”–comically enough, given his diminutive size.)  We named the smallest one Emiko, beautiful child.  And last, but not least, the middle girl was named Takara, meaning Treasure.

As the holidays approach, we are pleased and proud to have completed our mission.  The Singapura kids are well socialized and love us humans; most importantly, they are now all in their forever homes.  To prepare them to go off on their own we made sure when we had visitors, they were always included in the visit and associated play time, ensuring they would never be afraid of human contact. We love kittens to come running when we have visitors. As we tell everyone, with tongue in cheek, “You can tell we raise shy kitties.” They are all loved, happy and having the time of their lives with their new parents. Watch these little ones play at 8 ½ weeks here!

Our home is much quieter now without the galloping of little feet through the house. The tiniest paws can make the biggest footprints in our hearts and these five little ones were no exception.  These kittens were all an incredible blessing, an extraordinary gift to PPCR, and to me personally, and a daily reminder of what the important things in life really are: Love, kindness, and family.  In a life full of distractions, once in a while it helps to be reminded of what is really important so we can rejuvenate our soul. In retrospect, a person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and hands willing to help.

Your donations, today and through the year, made saving these babies, and all of the cats and kittens in 2017, possible.  Thank you for all your support through 2017.


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