Christmas 2014, Special Tails
About This Cat


One of our volunteers regularly services a feral colony, where cats and kittens are continuously dumped in a field by irresponsible owners. When Atticus appeared in the colony at about 4-6 weeks of age, our volunteer noticed him and was quick to bring him into rescue. While adult feral cats can be difficult, sometimes even impossible, to socialize, all a kitten this age typically needs is to be removed from the wild, habituated to human contact, and otherwise groomed for life as a cherished companion in some fabulous home.

In foster care, Atticus quickly became comfortable with human beings. From the start, he loved to play with his foster siblings and was not even afraid of his foster mom’s dogs. It was as heartwarming to watch him scamper and tumble around with his friends as it was to see him curled up for a nap, far away from the threats and discomforts of his former life. Before long, he found himself a forever home, where he is safe and loved.

In rescue we have many dedicated volunteers who spend hours every week, in some cases hours every day, helping cats in need. Generally, the names you see on our website are those of our foster moms, but we have even more volunteers behind the scenes doing administrative work, managing our database entry, evaluating applications, checking references, and making updates to the websites on which we list our rescue kitties. We give thanks, this holiday season, to all our volunteers, adopters, and supporters. Together we make miracles, one kitten at a time.