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GOAL MET!  Thank you for all that donated!

Little Andi came into the vet clinic where one of our foster Mom’s is employed.  She is a little White & Grey Maine Coon Mix born in October 2016.  The owner brought Andi in for an appointment because she was not eating and was very lethargic.  The owner had minimal funds and struggled to even cover the office visit.  The owner decided they couldn’t afford treatment and were going to take Andi home and hope for the best.   Our volunteer was very concerned about the kitten and stepped in. She asked if they would be willing to surrender her to the rescue so she could get the care she needed.  They agreed, thank goodness that they cared enough to let her go.

Andi stayed in the clinic until the weekend and then our volunteer foster took her home.  On Saturday morning Andi was foaming at the mouth.  She was rushed over to the volunteer’s vet were x-rays were taken. Little Andi needed immediate emergency surgery to repair an intestinal intussusception.  What’s that you ask? An intussusception is the sliding or telescoping of the intestine within itself. It occurs primarily in the small intestine.  When the intestine slides within itself the blood supply to that section is greatly reduced and the intestinal tissue begins to swell and die. The entire process can occur very rapidly and without immediate surgery they will die a very painful death.  Little Andi would never have made it without our intervention and the willingness of the owners to give her up.

The surgery was pretty grueling but she made it through.  Andi did fantastic during post op care.  She was given pain medication, IV fluids and antibiotics. She had to be kept as still as possible, which is always a challenge with kittens. And, of course, she had her very own cone of shame she had to wear.  What a little star!

Andi is now on the mend and will make a full recovery.  She will be available for adoption sometime in March. Rough beginnings for this little girl but luck was on her side and ours.  A happy outcome for this precious little girl!

Your compassion and support made it possible for us to take this adorable little girl on.  Andi’s care cost $1600 and we could not wait to get donations to save her.  We now need to replenish our emergency fund. You can help us continue to take on these special cases.  Please take a minute and donate now…for Andi and others that need help and just can’t wait.

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