1 to 5 Years, Available, Ragdoll
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Special Fee $275

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Born 2015, F, Lilac Point Ragdoll

Special Fee $275

This lovely girl is all soft colors. She is one of the Ragdolls that came to Purebreds from a shelter who took them in when their breeder died. Of the four I took in, Alexandra was the only one who was matted. She was actually very matted and three of us started shaving off her tightest matts five minutes after the transporter brought her. Her matts were the thickest I had ever seen – about 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch of solid felt. Literally. I went off later to buy a new shaver blade.

Alex was a perfect doll for this process, she was patient and stayed still until she got tired of it all. I was already tired myself; it is very intense work. Everything I did made her feel better. We worked on her over the course of three days. You can see her pink, pink skin in the photos below.  Her shaved areas are already fuzzy white as her glorious fur grows back. Her nipples have been used by kittens so we know she was a breeding queen. More than the other three it feels like she has had a difficult, unhappy time of it. She is good-natured and tolerant of petting and being picked up but she is not light hearted yet. That will come as she realizes life is a lot more fun than it has been.

This little girl has lived around other cats. I expect she would be fine with non aggressive easy going kitties, no dominant males. I don’t know how she would be with dogs. I would guess she would be fine with mellow, older, quiet dogs. I think Alex would prefer no young children in her home. We are looking for a quiet, stable home. Alex would be happy to be someone’s darling and get lots of attention from her loving humans. Ragdolls are such emotional cats. I have been a Ragdoll foster for 12 years now and I am constantly telling adopters that more than most breeds Ragdolls do not take change well. They get depressed and low energy. I think Alex is not sure what the world like is when she is out of her cage. She needs a patient adopter who will just love her into relaxation and happiness. Someone who will make her world safe and easy for her. She is a loving girl and I think she will unfold and blossom soon.

Alexandra eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in this kitty you can contact Harriet by email at Please include your name, location, the name of this kitty and phone contact info. Harriet will get back to you as soon as she can. It you are seriously interested in this kitty it s a good idea to fill out an Adoption Application. Mention this kitty in the application and it will be sent to her. If you are unable to reach Harriet, email us at