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Paws of Love February 2019


By Admin February 3, 2019

Paws of Love February 2019

A cat can make you laugh, brighten your life, accept your tears without judgement, snuggle with you, forgive your faults and love you unconditionally. Cats have paws of love that can warm even the coldest heart.

When we take any cat or kitten into the PPCR fold, it’s all about giving them the comfort and care they need. The biggest gift we give them is love and the ability to trust humans. We always want them to find that perfect person or family that will cherish them forever and make them an integral part of their life.

Looking for a heartfelt companion? We have some special sweethearts we are highlighting just for you.


Look for the “Paws of Love” symbol on their picture.

Every cat deserves to experience a life without pain and fear. Can you adopt one of these special cats and show them what it really means to be loved and cherished forever?