General Resources

Boarding & Care

Kitty Hill Resort for Cats is an innovative facility that boards kitties in the their own walk-in private rooms with windows, skylight lofts, art work, and furnishings. Located in Santa Cruz, CA.

Coco & Boo Pet Concierge Plus a located in Oceanside, CA.

Cozy Cattery a boarding and grooming spa just for cats in Reno, NV.

Cat Behaviorist

Cat Behaviorist, Marva Marrow, is Breed Rescue Coordinator for CFA Breed Rescue, Southwest Region. She was Editor of the Cat Fanciers’ Association Mentoring Program for six years, helping to create this educational program. Recently she was Editor of, a website for the Cat Fanciers Association. She is an award-winning Member of the Cat Writers of America and is frequently quoted in national cat magazines and other nationally known publications regarding cats and behavior. She has over 30 years of experience with cats of all types and ages. Marva is a fully Certified member of the IAABC (International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants) and consults for private clients, rescue groups, shelters and veterinarians.

Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, owner of The Cat Coach, LLC ( ) solves cat behavior problems through on site and phone consultations. Marilyn helps stop unwanted behaviors through a combination of positive reinforcement, environmental changes and educating the cat’s human family. Too many cats are surrendered to shelters—too many euthanized for fixable behavior problems. Marilyn is certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, where she co-chairs the cat division. She also a member of the advisory board for NBC’s Petside. Her award-winning book, /Naughty No More! /focuses on changing unwanted cat behaviors using a variety of methods including: clicker training, environmental management and other postiive methods. Please check out The Cat Coach, LLC ( ) for more information.

Feline Minds – Creative Cat Behavior Consulting. A San Francisco Bay Area business offering effective, compassionate and affordable behavior advice to cat guardians. Our specialty is in-home consultations where we can observe your pet in the home environment.

Everything Else…

Bathing Your Cat – Hints and tips for giving your cat a bath.  And a YouTube Video that provides additional information.

Moving with Pets– This is a really good article that gives great advice on how to adjust your pet to the area as your moving and how to keep them calm during the move so it’s less hard on them.

Pet Resume Guide -This helps you create a resume for your pet with fill in the blanks. There are a surprising number of places for rent that require something like a pet resume, especially in college towns.

Rehoming a Pet – RentLingo is an apartment finding service that has a good article on rehoming a pet. Being forced to find a new home for your pet is one of the most difficult situations for pet owners. They have put together a guide to prevent having to rehome a pet, and tips on how to find a new home for your pet when it is absolutely necessary.

Pet Insurance

Compare Pet Health Insurance – Confused by all the options? Pet insurance helps you pay the cost of medical expenses if you pet becomes ill or has an accident, just like human health insurance. What is covered and what makes the most sense for you and you pet can vary.  This resource provides an overview of many of the available insurances on the market today.

Health Related Information

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention – Information on helping you pet be at their best weight.

Product Links

Whole Foods 4 Pets – Raw food diet company.

Purr…fect Fence – The only cat fence enclosure system that can be installed free-standing or added to an existing fence or wall to make it cat-proof. Give your cats the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about their safety.