Welcoming Home the Holiday Kitten or Cat

Best wishes to those of you who have made the momentous decision to welcome a new feline family member during the holiday season. It is hard not to be ambivalent when asked whether the holidays are a good time to adopt a cat or kitten. Every cat or kitten in… Read More

What is a Good Choice for Cat Number Two?

It is very common for us to receive an application from an adopter who already has a cat. In such cases, people sometimes ask what age, breed, or gender of cat will make the best companion for the resident cat. Although there is no substitute for observing an individual cat–or… Read More

Can I Train My Cat Not to Keep Me Awake at Night?

It is natural for a cat to be active in the evening and early morning hours, and this pattern can fit very well into the lifestyle of a guardian who works full time. Early in the morning, your furry companion is happy to see you finally awake, to chat over… Read More