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What do we do with donations?

Donations are critical to be able to provide the needed care and help to all of our rescue cats.

We do need to stress that love and trust are things that donations cannot provide.  Many cats we see have had a rough life or been abandoned and all of our fosters focus on loving them — which makes a world of difference to each and every cat we rescue.

Here are just a few general areas of how your donations are used!

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$30 helps cover basics like food and litter for cats and kittens in our foster care. This will typically cover one cat or kitten for 25 to 30 days. This can vary, especially if a cat or kitten has to be on a special diet.


$50 helps us allow more time for cats or kittens that are shy! All of the little positive efforts our fosters use start to add up, creating trust and letting them know that we humans are not so bad after all. Sooner than later, we can get these bashful kitties ready for a family!

Bottle Babies

$75 helps bottle baby kittens — those little tiny balls of fur that are easy to fall in love with but are very challenging to care for! The intense care can last up to 6 weeks and sometimes even longer. It’s truly a labor of love to see these balls of fur turn into curious kittens ready to explore the world!

Wellness Check

$125-$175 allows our cats and kittens to get a wellness check-up – things like FLEV/FIV testing, spaying/neutering, and microchipping. We also ensure their ears, eyes, coat, teeth, and any lumps or bumps are all addressed — making sure they are ready for their new home from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail!

On the Mend

$100-$250 for those pets who have minor health needs. This could be a kitty cold, ear mites, or other similar ailments. These loving fur-balls stay separated from the other cats in the foster home and get medication, special diets, and one-on-one care until they are healthy and ready for their forever home.


$700-$1800 for seniors this can involve a blood panel, extensive dental work, special diet, or a variety of other areas.  Most of the time, these cats have been neglected and it can take time to manage and get any issues under control. We take these special cats on! Our goal for senior kitties?  A loving home for their golden years where they can be loved and cherished. Isn’t that all anyone wants?