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Owner Placement FAQ

What is Owner Placement?

Our Owner Placement was established to help a cat’s owner or cat’s caretaker find a home for their purebred cat through Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue (PPCR) and to keep these purebreds out of shelters. It is much less stressful for a purebred cat to make only one move in the rehoming process. As a rescue, we have the experience and resources to help find the right now home for these cats.

For the Adopter…

How does it work?
  1. If you see a Owner Placement post you are interested in you should fill out our adoption application.
  2. PPCR will then interview you and check your references. Typically we will contact you in 24-48 hours.
  3. If everything looks good and it seems like the cat will be a good match, we will connect you with the owner.
  4. If you and the owner agree that the cats is good fit, the adoption goes through and you pay our standard adoption fee.
Has PPCR met the cat?

A Owner Placement Post is not in a PPCR foster home, so in the majority of cases we have not met the cat. We are representing information on the website that the owner provided to us via a request form and a detailed phone call.

Does PPCR have medical information for the cat?

We are facilitating the connection between the adopter and the owner, so we do not have complete medical records for Owner Placement cats.

We can only provide information the owner told us. We recommend that you request medical records or permission to contact the owners vet if you have any concerns.

What is the cost?

We do charge our standard adoption fees and occasionally a special reduced fee is allowed and noted on the cat. Why the fee? We want to ensure the cat is going to a loving and stable home. This is a much better option for the owner and the cat then a shelter or Craig’s List. The best part of all…you are actually rescuing a cat and 100% of the adoption fee goes to supporting the cats in the PPCR foster system. The fees are the same as our rescued cats.

For the Owner…

How does it work?
  1. Submit the Owner Placement Request form on our site.  We will review the information and our volunteer will then contact you directly.  Typically we will contact you within 24-48 hours.
  2. The volunteer then gathers information and additional pictures from you so we can create a bio for the cat.
  3. The cat is then posted to the PPCR website, Adopt a Pet, PetFinder and FaceBook. We then wait for adoption applications that might be a good fit or that are interested in your cat specifically.
  4. When we receive applications we perform an interview and check references. If everything looks good we put you and the adopter in contact with each other.
  5. If you and the adopter agree that the cat is a good fit the adoption happens and the adopter pays our standard adoption fee via PayPal or Check.
Is there a cost?

There is no cost to you, although a donation is always appreciated. We do charge our standard adoption fee to the adopter. Why? We really want to ensure that the cat goes to a stable and loving home. The fee also helps other cats in our foster system that need special attention. How great is that? Your cat gets a wonderful new home and at the same time other cats in need are helped out.

How long does it take to get the cat adopted?

The actual time can vary from 24 hours to months. We have found having good quality photos and even a short video really helps speed up the process of finding the right adopter. The video can actually show the cat’s personality which is very helpful to adopters.

What if I find someone myself who will adopt the cat?

If you find someone on your own to adopt the cat there is no cost to you. A small donation for the effort to write the bio and get the cat posted is always appreciated.

What if I can’t keep my cat in my home any longer?

In some instances, we can take the cat into our foster system.  This is dependent on available space in our foster system and varies day to day. If we are unable to help you, we will provide you with other potential options you can check into.

If we can accommodate your cat you will need to fill out and sign an Owner Surrender form.  We do not take any cats into our foster system without an Owner Surrender form.