Zuni (and Takoda)
Zuni (and Takoda)
Zuni (and Takoda)
Zuni (and Takoda)
Zuni (and Takoda)
Zuni (and Takoda)
Zuni (and Takoda)

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2021, Adopted

Additional Info

About Zuni (and Takoda)

Adopted by Ellen

Zuni and Takoda MUST be adopted together. There are NO exceptions. See Takoda here. 

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat through our Owner Placement Program.  We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat.  It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this.

Zuni (and Takoda) is NOT in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home, but residing with his current owner in Clearlake. Adoption fee applies. Find out more about Owner Placement Cats.

Zuni and his best forever friend Takoda are a bonded littermate pair that have recently become available for adoption due to their owner’s need to travel for business in the US and family visits abroad for a longer period of time.

She says this about beloved Zuni: “Zuni is a very kind soul and a bit shy. He is big and very soft. He loves belly-rubs and finds great pleasure in licking hands and arms even! He loves brushing and gently playing with his big fluffy tail and playing with toys. Catnip toys are his favorite. He likes to be where he can see outside and look at the birds and other animals. He will sleep with you and lay next to you on the couch. He loves to play and groom his brother Takoda. He responds to calls almost immediately. He loves to play with me and his brother Takoda. Zuni and Takoda get along really well. They are just the best of friends and have been since they were little kittens. They groom each other, sleep together and play. They talk too, greet each other and are always aware of each other’s presence.

They have not been around children, dogs, or other cats in the last 7 years. It might be best to keep it that way. They both have great personalities and are very lovable indeed! Their ideal home will be more on the mellow side, with gentle and kind people who will make them feel safe, give them lots of affection, and treat them like family. Ideally, they would have supervised time in a fenced garden, but they also do fine on a deck where they can enjoy fresh air, watch birds, squirrels, and relax in the sun.”

Zuni is a fabulous purebred pedigreed Brown Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon with white mittens weighing in at about 16 pounds. He has recently had a vet check, he is healthy and blood work is normal. Zuni does have a slight heart murmur that was detected years ago and has remained the same. His vet is of the opinion that at his age it will likely remain as is, which is not uncommon for the Maine Coon breed.

The standard adoption fee for Takoda and Zuni is $350 for the pair.

Zuni is neutered, vaccinated, FELV tested, dewormed, microchipped, eats wet and dry food, and is litterbox perfect.

He currently lives with his owner in Clearlake.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching exceptional cats with qualified adopters who will cherish their pet and create an ideal forever home.

If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Zuni (and Takoda) please tell us why in the comments section of our Adoption Application, and contact Pam at cheemers@gmail.com or 541-290-8408. If you are unable to reach Pam please email us at info@purebredsplus.org.