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2021, Adopted

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Adopted by Spencer

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Exotically beautiful with long elegant limbs and a sleek spotted coat, Zahara is a compassionate feline ready to give her love to the person or family who will be just as devoted to her lasting health and special needs. She is a silver Egyptian Mau, a very rare breed, deeply worshipped in the Egyptian culture and also mummified because they were so cherished. 

Zahara’s expressive, almond-shaped green eyes are sometimes also referred to as mascara eyes due to the two lines that extend, one from the corner of her eye and the other along the contour of her cheek. It is believed that ancient Egyptian women would mimic these markings when applying their makeup because this breed was held in such high esteem. Her forehead stripes form the letter “M” and her dorsal stripe extends from the top of her head to her tail.  It’s so easy to become spellbound gazing at Zahara’s face because her expression is so intent and endearing. 

Another of Zahara’s most striking features is her exquisite coat, marked with different sized random spots completely natural to this breed. Her fur is entirely light at the base of her skin. The coloring creating her spots appear only on the tips of her hair. We love to brush our hands backwards on her fur to see her spots disappear only to return when combed in the other direction. Somewhat similar to the ticking we see on the Abyssinian or Somali breeds with different strands of color on a single hair, Zahara’s breed shows more of a contrast from light to dark at the tips. 

In addition to her loving, affectionate inner beauty, we want you to know what a superior athlete Zahara is. This brave girl would win an Olympic medal for running, jumping, and climbing. Her hind legs are slightly longer than her front and she has a skin flap that goes from her back knee to her abdomen. This gives her a wider range of motion and a longer stride enabling her to run at incredible speed. She is considered the greyhound of the cat world so if you leave a door open, you may not see her again. She leaps and climbs high, loves cat trees, and opens closet doors especially if she knows her kitty toys are inside. Zahara’s body is very muscular and she is also very agile, lively, and alert with a fine sense of balance. She can rest her four paws on the smallest square of the top of a scratching post and just swat her favorite mouse toy extensively. 

Zahara came to us with many health challenges, most now resolved. This is a young lady who has definitely used some of her nine lives. Laboratory results from cultures of her mouth, throat, and nose confirm chronic calicivirus (FCV)  which, when not in remission, causes her congestion and nasal discharge to linger with intermittent outbreaks. She has been treated with doxycycline for inflammation and secondary sinus infections. She is also diagnosed with mild stage two kidney disease.  This condition will need fluid treatment if any flare up occurs.

Zahara is fiercely devoted to her humans. Play is her favorite sport. She is vocal, kneads with her front paws, rubs up against you, and swishes her tail wildly when she is happy. She doesn’t like to be alone. She longs for a family who will love her enormously with heart and take care of her special needs. Zahara’s inner strength and sheer affection contributes to her positive prognosis for a life of vitality and heartiness.  A holistic grain-free, high protein diet of Earthborn chicken and fish has contributed to giving her vigor for healing.  Zahara needs to be the only cat in the household.  We don’t know how she would be with a cat friendly dog.  

Qualified adopters will be advised of her health history and current special needs.  Selected adopter will all receive vet records. 

Zahara is located in Walnut Creek, CA.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching Zahara to the home and people that will cherish her for the exquisite, fun, loving, intelligent treasure that she is.  If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Zahara,  please tell us why in the comment section of our website Adoption Application and contact our volunteer by email: or call/text at 541-290-8408.