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2013 Christmas, Special Tails

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Sometimes it’s just luck…

Can you imagine? You’re a newborn kitten. You’re surrounded by unfamiliar noises and you can’t get away from them. Your siblings are with you…but Mom is nowhere to be found. You can’t see anything and you have no idea where you are. Something is around you that doesn’t feel safe or comfortable and it makes noise when you move. Everything you were familiar with is gone and you have no idea what happened or why. Two of your siblings are not moving and all you know is your scared, hungry and don’t like this.

It was a hot, blistering day in August. A Good Samaritan heard tiny meows and on searching found them coming from a nearby dumpster. He immediately went to the dumpster and found four tiny baby kittens in a brown paper bag, only 2-3 days old. He then called PPCR to see if we could foster and save them.

How anyone could do this to baby kittens is beyond me. I have a huge soft spot for bottle babies, and they were so tiny and defenseless, I took on this dumpster babies. I named the little grey boy Wolf Man Jack, Wolfie for short. He was bottle fed, loved and cuddled until he was old enough to eat solid food on his own. He was a little lover and cuddle bug.

Wolfie, for whatever the reason, became very near and dear to my heart. He is personable, easygoing, lovable, and a lap kitty all rolled into an adorable fluffy package. And he’s a very lucky little boy…as was his sibling that survived Jax-N-Sox.

Wolfie has since been adopted and is being loved and spoiled by his new family in his forever home.

This is a true story of rags to riches, and what the compassion of a stranger and love can do.