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2019, Adopted

Additional Info

About Willow

Adopted by Siska & Kevin

Born ~2013, F, Lynx-point Ragdoll

Mom said I remind her of a beautiful yet resilient plant called a Willow? I mean, ok, I guess so, I do have the coloring, the flowing silky coat and yes, my eyes are a piercing blue, I guess that makes sense. I am resilient, and have found a new way of living and have really learned to come to love it.

See my owner, who was a Ragdoll breeder, passed away unexpectedly, and I found myself needing a new home. The good folks at Purebreds Plus saw past my fears and took me in. All of this has been a shock and me being a Ragdoll, the changes have been difficult to adjust too. Ragdolls have a tendency to be emotionally sensitive and I am no exception, I am still adjusting but have made amazing progress according to my foster mom.

New situations still make me very nervous and deal with that differently than most cats would. My foster mom is sure I would flourish with a family who has a relatively stable home. My new family would need to be patient and be willing to show me that my world will be safe and full of love at my own pace, though, it most likely wouldn’t take long for me to realize it and blossom into the amazing kitty I am!

My foster family has all sorts of other furry creatures I am learning to get along with as well. I was really terrified of the Border Collie at first and had to fake my toughness but I find her really fascinating now. I am still a bit nervous but I no longer feel the need to react. My foster mom hasn’t seen me around other adult cats but I have been around other kittens in rescue. I can be a tad defensive when there are multiple kitties around but when it’s one on one I just want to clean them and play. I just haven’t learned how to play softly so its something to seriously consider if you have other cats. My foster family thinks I would do best with a family who has lots of experience with cats and knows how to read my body language and can be respectful of my needs while I am learning new social skills.

I have recently come to love sitting in my foster moms lap and just appreciate gentle pets. I love having my chest and belly scratched but have a tendency to get into a happy playful mood and take the opportunity to give you “love bites” or go into what my mom calls the zoomies. I may be around 6 years old but this new experience of playing is AWESOME to me! I make tons of “biscuit’s” and purr lots, something that is also new to me.

True to my Ragdoll nature, I would love to find a family who would welcome a “supervisor” of sorts. I like to greet you at the door and escort you to your preferred spots. I greet you with lots of coodles and like to show you how much I love you by rubbing up against your leg. I have also have started to offer comfort with head bobs for those less than perfect days. I will let you know when I can’t see you and its bothersome to me with a quick beller but other than that I’m mostly a soft talker.
My beautiful coat is long and silky but is pretty easy for you to help me maintain it with grooming approximately twice a week but I’ve come to enjoy short grooming sessions a bit more often.

I am up-to-date on my vaccinations, am spayed, microchipped and use my litter box perfectly if I do say so myself. I have a fairly simple diet of both canned and dry food but do like an occasional treat too. Actually I’d love treats every day all day but they say that’s not good for me.

I am currently living with my foster family in Sacramento. If you’re looking for a bestie, a companion, a soul mate per say and willing to give me time to show my truly loving nature I would love to have you as my forever hooman! I’ve had a difficult time adjusting but just ask my mom, I am everything I say I am and more!

If you would like more information, please contact foster mom, Dayna at meandmyfosters@outlook.com or send in an Adoption Application with your chosen kitten’s name. If you are unable to reach Dayna, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.