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2014 Christmas, Special Tails

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Velvet is a gorgeous purebred Seal Point Siamese, as was her partner Eclair. Earlier this year her longtime owner had to be moved into an assisted living facility that did not allow pets. Unfortunately the family was not able to keep the two beautiful cats and brought them to a shelter. Like many cats, especially purebreds, Velvet and Eclair were very frightened in their shelter cage, stressed with the sound of barking dogs, the funny smells, and the clanging of metal. Fortunately the shelter called Purebreds Plus, and we got the privilege of helping them.

Eclair was the older of the two girls. Unluckily, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and she died shortly after entering rescue. The reality is we never know the health conditions of cats we save from the shelters, but once they are in rescue, we do everything possible to diagnose and treat them.

As frequently happens with bonded pairs, Velvet fell into a deep depression with the loss of her mate, but after several months in rescue with a very experienced foster mom, she blossomed. It was as if she saw the world again. She started chasing her mouse, playing with other toys, and enjoying attention. She took to hanging out and even sleeping with her human Mom.

Just in time for the holidays, Velvet has recently moved to her forever home. At nine years old, she is close to being a senior cat. Such cats are often overlooked by adopters, even though they still have many years ahead of them. We are always grateful for adopters who are willing to open their hearts and homes to a deserving kitty like Velvet.