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2016 Christmas, Special Tails

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  • "TunaFish Gets His Freedom"

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The Tenth Save of Christmas

Tuna Fish (TF): Wake up Momma, wake up! I was checking your email and PureBreds Plus wants to do a story about me. Yes, ME!! Can you believe it? ME! Do you think they will like me?

Foster Mom (FM): I’m awake, ok let’s go. Oh, I see you are sharing treats for our breakfast. Yes, I will say you are a sharing, caring kitty. Ah, ok, what do you want to tell them? I will just type for you how is that?

TF: HI EVERYBODY MY NAME IS TUNA FISH!!!! Well, now it is, before it was Luna but that was during my not so happy days but now I am Tuna Fish and HI OUT THERE EVERYBODY!!!!

FM: You are confusing everyone Tuna. Would you like me to tell your story?

TF: OK, but tell them how great I am and how soft and that I am a good girl.

FM: I will, my love, I will.

As Tuna Fish says she came to us with an all too common story. She is a purebred Persian teacup kitty, maybe 5 lbs., all white with astonishing blue eyes. She was purchased from a breeder and looked so beautiful and was oh so sweet. She settled in nicely, loved her family and loved to sit in windows to watch birds and squirrels. But after about a year or so she became ‘too much trouble’ and they truly did not like her anymore. That is what they told me. They decided to put her in a bedroom and close the door. Where it remained shut for two years. She was all alone in that room with no one to play with or cuddle with.

TF: Tell them mom that I was always a good girl, even then I never clawed on furniture, I always used the litter box and would ALWAYS mind my manners. I still don’t know why they put me there! Ok, Momma you can talk again.

FM: Very true Tuna, you still are a beautiful little treasure of white fluff. So anyway, one day we received a call asking if Purebreds would take Luna.

TF: Oh yeah, that was my name during the hard times, Luna.

FM: We said, of course we’ll take her, and Luna came to our house to stay. She came looking pretty strange as her family had used nail scissors to cut the mats out of her lovely fur. There were some empty patches here and there and some long pieces that seemed strange but it was OK because I knew we could work it out.

TF: Tell them Momma that even then I was good, how I knew that you would want me in a bedroom so I ran there and sat in the window. It was nice and all new. Tell them how you had forgotten to close the bedroom door and still I never made a move. I was so good, wasn’t I Mom? I knew you wanted me in that bedroom just like they did, so I stayed there like a good girl.

FM: Yes, my love, I will tell them. As Tuna says, she never moved even when she realized that the door was open. That evening she sat in the doorway and looked out at the rest of the house watching the other kitties run and play when she jumped up and just ran and ran and jumped and ran and jumped. It felt so good to be free! That is the first time I changed her name. This time she was Luna-Tick.

TF: And don’t forget to tell them about how my skin itched and you took me to the vet where I was good too. And now I am all well again and I want to go home soon.

FM: OK Luna. Yes, we found that she had some skin problems under all that mangled fur, so off to the vets she went, where she charmed everyone. She is almost finished with her medications now.

The most important thing to her, as you can imagine, is that she needs to have her people close. She wants to know where they are at all times, she wants to cuddle in bed, loves to play and chase all of her fur-friends all over the house. She loves being free! The name Luna-Tick no longer fit her, so I changed it again. Her favorite wet food is the Tuna flavor, and Luna and Tuna are sort of close so, yep, you guessed it, she became Tuna Fish.

TF: Tell them I am almost ready to have my very own family, find out if they are the special ones for me, HI EVERYONE I AM TUNA FISH!!! Tell them it is OK, if they do not have enough toys, I will bring some. I will need a little help with all of this white fur, but I promise to be the very best little girl ever!! Please can they have some fur friends for me? Oh goodness… do you think they will like me Momma?

FM: Yes, my love, I will tell them. And I will make sure that they like you. But before you leave here you should really say “Happy Holidays” too!

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