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2017, Adopted

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About Truffles

Adopted by Magdolna & Family

Born ~2016, F, Himalayan & Ragdoll (aka Ragamuffin)

Meet Truffles. She is adorable! Her name should have been Ewok because that’s what she looks like. She has a very unique and charming face. It took me awhile to figure out how to describe her and then I was watching an old episode of Star Wars and there she was: An Ewok!

She has beautiful round eyes, ear tufts, toe tufts and little tufts around her front mane. Her coat is silky like a Ragdoll and will make her fairly easy to keep mat free.

Truffles was initially a bit shy but came out of her shell within a few days. She was surrendered to a shelter due to children’s allergies. She came with her sister, Angel, a black smoke Ragamuffin/Persian, who is very shy. (Pictures and bio coming soon.) Initially, we felt that the two were so bonded that they would need to be placed together, and they would certainly enjoy being in the same household. However, Truffles is so outgoing that she is now out and about and we see no signs that either cat is so dependent upon the other that it would be a hardship if they were separated. That said, if the cats could go to a loving home together, well … that’s just a nice bonus!

Truffles growls at other cats and doesn’t seem to have much interest in getting to know them, although she does get along with her sister. She was initially concerned about the evil small dog in her foster home but has learned to ignore him. She would like to be near her people and sleep on the bed with them but, again … that evil little dog keeps her from doing so.

Truffles and her sister are fostered in Vacaville.

Contact: Ellen at if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Ellen by email, email us at