Tres  Jolie
Tres  Jolie
Tres  Jolie
Tres  Jolie
Tres  Jolie
Tres  Jolie

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2019, Adopted

Additional Info

About Tres Jolie

Adopted by Liz & Tony
~Born 2014, F, Lynx Point Ragdoll

Well, Jolie is gorgeous enough to be in the movies but she will never be a movie star. Whenever she sees my camera she turns her head 180 degrees away. Immediately. She has a diva personality so that would fit with stardom but she will cause camera men and women to want to have temper tantrums.

Tres Jolie, which means “very pretty” in French, is a soft armful of warm fur. For a diva she is surprisingly good natured about being picked up and carried around. To try to get photos we placed her here and there repeatedly and she was fine with it. She wiggles if held too long but she feels great in your arms. It would be great to sleep next to her.

You may remember I always say that Ragdolls are very emotional cats who do not take change well. They get extra depressed in shelters which is where Jolie came from. We have had her about a month and she is doing well (better than most Ragdolls) but her world has not been going as she would wish. Jolie is a very sweet, affectionate cat maintaining herself well under difficult circumstances and strikingly beautiful. She will be so pleased to be in a home.

Her paper work says she came in “Stray – Over the counter”. That means a “good Samaritan” found her lost outside and brought her in. Well, that is not true here. I think she was never outside. Her coat was 100% perfect, flawless and clean, when I got her from the shelter. Her owner or some member of the owner’s family brought her in and saved a $40 surrender fee and maybe some embarrassment or discomfort by saying he or she “found” her. That happens all the time. Maybe her mom had died and the family was not ready to talk about it. We will never know. I do wish we knew what her name had been.

Jolie is spayed and microchipped and combo tested neg/neg. She seems to be very healthy. She has a meow type voice of course but she also whistles in a way I have never heard from a cat. A small high note. Not a trill, something new and delightful. I hope the little video I have can be posted below. We have done a dental for her and polished her teeth and removed three. She had some gingivitis and gum inflammation which her dental addressed.

This girl is an easy cat. Aside from not liking cameras she is cooperative and easygoing. She likes some cats and dislikes others. She definitely does not want a cat – or a child- annoying her. She would be happy as an only cat. I don’t know how she is with dogs. She would be fine with respectful, gentle teenagers. She will happily preside over a quiet stable home.

She will be someone’s sweet , beautiful soft companion.

She eats dry food and doesn’t usually like wet. She is litterbox perfect.

She would be grateful if you supplied her with catnip.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at