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About Tinkerbell

4 – 5 year old, Female, Tuxedo DMH

Time was running out for Tinkerbell, a very friendly, sweet, petite, and at times shy female. We were notified that her owner had passed away. The owner’s sister couldn’t keep her and was struggling to find a shelter that wouldn’t immediately euthanize Tinkerbell, but we all know that some shelters can only keep kitties for so long. So a couple of days ago one of our foster moms drove to the shelter and rescued her. She found that Tinkerbell is indeed a very petite little kitty at around 5 lbs, but in foster mom’s loving home, Tinkerbell will surely gain a pound or two.

We were told that Tinkerbell used to follow her deceased owner around like a little kitty dog. She would greet her at the door. Tinkerbell is comfortable with the other kitties at her foster mom’s home. We will provide some updates once foster mom Diane gets to know her a little better.

Did you know that Tuxedo cats (or TCs) are supposedly significantly more intelligent than regular cats (including all other breeds and varieties). Research indicates that this difference may be as great as 200%.

Other cats living in the same households as TCs benefit from this and may see temporary increases in intelligence of 5-10%. Well, at least that’s what a quick Google search reveals.

Tinkerbell’s foster mom is Diane in Sacramento, CA.

For initial inquiries about this petite beauty, please contact Frauke at 925-784-8244 or loveallcats7@gmail.com, or send an Adoption Application.