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2013 Christmas, Special Tails

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Sometimes life is way to short…

All kittens and cats touch our hearts but sometimes one comes along that manages to touch our very souls. Tesoro was one of those kittens.

When Tesoro came to us, he was still too small to eat on his own. It was necessary to syringe feed him a thin mix of food and Kitten Replacement Milk. That was the only way, and the only thing, he would eat. Then one day, he got impatient for us to fill the syringe with the mix and decided he could do it himself. He was a little Maine Coon wannabe.

Tesoro had a huge personality and a loving soul. He wasn’t putting on a lot of weight, but he was healthy, loving and full of life. He was soon adopted and went off to enjoy his new life.

We had spent a lot of time with this little guy and loved him dearly, so much so that we kept in touch on a weekly basis after he was adopted. Much to our dismay, after a couple weeks, Tesoro started showing signs of illness. His adopter and I stayed in daily contact, with me supporting her as she tried different things and brought him to the vet. Meanwhile, I was praying with all my heart that my intuition was wrong. It was not…

When the news came on September 19, 2013, it was devastating, he was barely 5 months old… Tesoro was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis. There was no hope, no cure…

In loving honor of Tesoro, his adopter and all those who have lost a kitten to this horrible disease…

There once was a rescued kitten named Tesoro, it meant Little Treasure.
So tiny and cute, enjoying life beyond measure
Big soulful eyes and oh so endearing.
Sleeping anywhere as long as it was a lap, or a human within hearing.
Playing and running every chance he got.
Then wanting to be close, looking for us if he was not.
Curling up and dreaming as time took its pass
Then being silly and making us laugh.
Lil’ Dumpling, Tesoro, you left us too soon…
We loved him enough to let him go, but we still feel the emptiness in the room.
He is free of pain, remembering all of our love and compassion.
We miss you little treasure and we still mourn your passing.
We still see your face in the morning’s soft glow.
We hear your little chortle as a romping you go.
What will we do without you my precious little friend?
Part mischief, all blessing, we loved you to the end.
A few short months is all we had, we then had to part.
You will always be our loving friend and forever in our hearts.
As we stand here and watch in this house where you played
Our tears make this promise; your memory will never fade…

I pray for a scientific breakthrough, as does everyone here at Purebreds Plus, that someday we will be able to prevent and end this horrific disease.