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Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum

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2023 Big Day of Giving, Special Tails

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  • A Long Journey...

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BDOG 2023: Sugar Plum
A Long Journey…

Sugar Plum refers to everything sweet and wonderful in the world! This little girl more than deserves the name Sugar Plum.  Based on the amount of trauma her body suffered we believe she was in a car accident. She had multiple back and hip fractures, urine retention and her tail was abscessed! And despite all of this, she was and remains the sweetest little girl you would ever want to meet.   She has a way to go before she is ready for her forever home, but her progress so far has been phenomenal!

The day we took her into Purebreds Plus her tail fell off, yes fell off.  We immediately took her to one of our trusted vets! He amputated the tail and closed it off. Reconstructive surgery was not an option, as she was too small for the surgery to be successful. The vet at that time felt that her pelvis and back area had squared up extremely well and that surgery would not improve her condition.

What’s next for this little girl? First, we are working on weaning this special girl off of her stool softeners.  If this goes well we will begin reducing and eliminating Cisapride which is used to stimulate the smooth muscle that lines the digestive tract, a polite way of saying it helps her poop easier!  We will then have her evaluated to ensure there is minimal if any nerve damage and ensure the colon is continuing to work effectively.  If all of these things pass with flying colors we can schedule her to be spayed!

Sugar Plum is a precious and happy little girl! She is playing and running around the house having a great time! SugarPlum loves to climb and jump – she has no fear; her foster Mom on the other hand gets super nervous whenever she does this!

Sugar Plum’s continuing saga highlights another aspect of rescue and the crucial role of our extended family – people like you. At Purebreds Plus, we are lucky to have a group of volunteers who put themselves at the service of cats in need every day. We could not possibly do all that we do without the generosity of all the good-hearted people who donate to help alleviate the costs of veterinary care for some of our Hidden Super Star kitties.  You allow us to save lives and help kitties on their journey from dire situations to good health and finally to a loving forever home. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you for your continued support.