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2018, Adopted

Additional Info

About Stuart

Adopted by Robin
Born ~7/10/18, M, Neutered Lynx Point Siamese Mix

Stuart and his brother, Stanley, are so excited to announce that they are ready for their forever homes. They have requested a home where they can sleep on beds, chase real and imaginary objects, eat lots of wet food, and get lots of human attention. They adore each other, and have been through a lot together, so they have also requested a home together. They are open to furry housemates as well.

Stuart is the spokesman for the duo, although to be fair, you have to listen carefully to hear most of what he says. He is a whisper-meower, and will often open very wide to tell you something important only to have no sound come out at all. He doesn’t let it slow him down, however, and will happily tell you all about his day when you greet him. His purr more than makes up for his quiet meow, and there is no questioning whether he loves the attention.

Both boys are fostered in Davis. For more information you can contact their foster mom, Cara at or 530-400-1043.