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2018, Adopted

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About Stephanie

Adopted by Barbara

Born ~12/29/2010, F, Tortie Point Himalayan

April Update:

Well, we are all in love with Stephanie. She is doing very well now that she has been with us a while. What a great loving girl she is – her shyness is gone. I thoroughly enjoyed her today as I photographed her. She is gorgeous and has real star power with her striking face but I must say she will never hold a job as a model because she will not hold still and pose for the camera. Ever. ” Pet me” she says.”Let me move over here where the light is too strong”. “Let me look away the minute you get my beautiful blue eyes in focus.” If she weren’t so adorable I would have given up and photographed a different kitty but I was enchanted with her. Very enchanted.

Now that the weather is warmer we will groom her again and even out the length of her fur. As you can see her fur is 3 – 4 inches long (except where we shaved off matts). She has a fancy big coat and a lion shave every summer is a good way to handle it. She, like most cats, is so cute shaved. I particularly love her fluffy legs and feet so I included a photo of them for you.

Stephanie enjoys other cats.She will touch noses and inquire about them. She is simply the alpha cat and as long as that is accepted all is well. When she first arrived she could butt in and eat out of another kitty’s food bowl (annoying them) but that stage seems over. Perhaps back then these kitties were overeager for the great new wet food we gave them. Stephanie has lived her life around other kitties. I think what I said originally was right: she could happily be an only cat or a companion to a cat (or cats) that were willing to let her be the alpha.

She is really a wonderful little girl, such a girly girl. A darling. Some family will be so lucky to have her company and beautiful presence in their lives.

This story begins in Arizona. A woman concerned that her life expectancy was short brought her five, 7 and 8 yr old Persians and Himalayans to a shelter. Purebreds learned about them , by chance, only after they had been in the shelter a long two months. Wonderful transporters brought them up to a temporary foster and ultimately to me. I have not had them long. These kitties names are: Stephanie, the only Himalayan, Louie, a male cream Persian, Pandora, a black and white female Persian, and Billy, a white male Persian. Beautiful Stephanie is a C.F.A. registered cat – we have the green registration card for her. I love her father’s name “King Puda-tat” . A fifth Persian, a red and white male named Rudy has been adopted already. These are wonderful, loving kitties. I expect they will be adopted quickly.

Stephanie arrived in the worst shape of any of them as regards her coat. It looks like the others were lion shaved maybe half a year ago. You can see in their photographs that they even have shaved tails. Stephanie evidently didn’t get shaved back when the rest did and her coat is in matted under the surface fluff. We are shaving her a little at a time and I expect she will end up mostly shaved everywhere. I started working on the matt that ran a ring all the way around her neck like a 1/2 inch thick by 1 1/2 inch wide pad of tight to the skin felt. It was very difficult shaving and fortunately good little Stephanie held still. She understood that the more I shaved the better she felt. Her adopter will need to expect her to look a bit disheveled but her beautiful long coat will grow back quickly.

Stephanie came in initially as the shyest of the bunch. It may be at least in part that her painful body condition contributed to that. We all know we get cranky when we don’t feel well. Matts hurt. It is like having someone pull your hair all day long. With her matts gone she is doing very well and has become more more and more relaxed and friendly. Tortie’s, like calico’s tend to have more opinions in general and I would say Stephanie is more of a confident alpha cat than the others.. She is a beautiful, good little girl. She would be fine with another non alpha cat as a companion and also I think she would be fine on her own. We have lots of medical info on these cats – the owner brought in 8 years of records from Banfield Vet Hospital for each cat and Stephanie’s recent blood panel shows She is a very healthy kitty and this includes her kidney values.

This gorgeous girl will make someone a wonderful, loving companion as only a Himi can. She needs some time, as they all do, to get over the months in the shelter and all the disruption in their lives. You can already see clearly however what a darling girl she is. Persians and Himalayans are tender little kitties, all about love. They need to be treasured and protected throughout their lives.

Stephanie eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at